Unlocking iPhone take more than 72 hours..unbelievable for business users

  • 12 December 2019
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I have business account with TMobile and and requested to unlock iPhone and rep told me it will take more 72 hours. This is just crazy. All other carriers  can unlock your iPhones in just few hours. This is just unacceptable specially when you need to use your phone in foreign country for work. TMobile  should have different process for business users at least. Very very disappointed as I am already in foreign country. I called the one month ago and rep told me to call back when trip is near. They should have process unlock request at that time so that I could use my phone when I needed most. Just completely dissatisfied with the process as a business user.

3 replies

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With iPhones , carriers need to request the unlock from Apple because there's not code which is why it takes longer.

With Android phones the unlock codes are in Tmobile's database.

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I can tell you first hand other carriers can take up to 72 hours as well, but in general it should only take a short amount of time.  Then you also have to factor in Apple controls the unlock on their end because it has to phone in onto their servers to unlock.

The company I work for we unlock roughly 20-30 devices a month for various reasons(Department of Defense), and we always get the same "Cover our bottoms" canned responses.  The longest we actually ever waited was AT&T at just under 48 hours multiple times.

I was with at&t for over many years and with them, i had unlocked over 10 iphones. None of them never took more that 24 hours that is for sure. May be it is just Tmobile that has some type of different set up with Apple.