Virtual number that moves physical service between phones for work on-call rotation

  • 7 January 2022
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Hello, I’m looking for a specialized phone service for a work team. My team has an on-call phone which we are trying to replace with a virtual on-call phone. For those who don’t know what an on-call does, one team member is always available to be a first-responder when something breaks and needs to be fixed or patched in some way. We share a phone and pass it off between members, so there’s a new person doing the on-call every week.


We are hoping to hire people to work remotely for this job in various locations, and in order to do that, we need a number that can be easily transferred to a new physical host (phone) on a weekly basis.

In more technical terms, we need a cell service that moves between multiple phones depending on which one logs into the virtual phone service. The way this would likely be implemented on the back-end by T-Mobile would be to have several SIMS registered in their database, but they change which SIM is active when a device logs in.


Is there any such phone service that provides this functionality at T-Mobile? We only need one line, but we need to have the cell service move with the virtual phone number, without paying for 5 separate numbers with cell service at full price.


Thank you!

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