Will my order ship as the items I order become available

  • 14 December 2021
  • 1 reply


I ordered an iPhone 13 pro max and when I ordered it was on back order. that was on December 11th, I also order AirPods generation 2 that are on backorder as well.It’s now the 13th and I checked on T-mobile website and it said the phone I had ordered (iPhone 13 pro max 256 GB) wasn’t in backorder and could ship in three days. I would like to know if the items in my package will ship as they're made available, or will I have to wait till the AirPods to receive my phone?

1 reply

Hi, recently I ordered 4 of the new iPhones. I ordered these on November 7th, and was supposed to get them by now. due to one iPhone being on backorder I can not get my order sent out. they will not do separate shipments unless it was two separate orders. I would say your going to have to wait on the AirPods due to the situation in which im waiting. The only way for me to have got my items sooner was to cancel my order and re order them all individually. So if they are under one order id say you will be waiting.