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  • 6 October 2021
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Service is what you pay for. Now let's get down to the issue. I traded in two of my phones coming over from Verizon to T-Mobile to give them a try with the unlimited Magenta plan for three phones. When I traded two of my phones in at this location (one I did in St.Cloud,MN) I was never given a trade in credit for one of my phone lines. 6 MONTHS LATER, I have been fighting to get my credit applied. Every single month I reach out to rectify the situation and nothing . Every month I spend over an hour of my personal time but to no end. I go to the St.Cloud store, where I live and they find the problem with my credit instantly yet the Willmar store WILL NOT APPLY THE DAMN CREDIT. Absolutely horrible as the credit is huge at the time I switched from Verizon to T-Mobile. If I was any potential future customer who lives out in Willmar, MN or plans to stop by this store, AVOID! I was promised a phone credit when I traded in my phone and I keep getting empty promises every single month with no other credit applied for these bunch of amateurs running the store. there is nothing T-Mobile can do at this point to make it right with me. Every month they find the issue yet refuse to apply the credit I was promised when I traded in. Over six months and still they can’t hold up to their end of what we agreed upon. Save your false narrative T-Mobile about wanting to reach out and fix this. I gave you every opportunity and yet here we sit. So shut the holes in your faces. Lies on top of lies. Empty promises to make it right. Nothing. Verizon or AT&T wouldn’t do this to their customers. That’s where I’m going back to. Verizon. 

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You don’t have to worry.  No one here has access to your account and this is mostly a peer help forum with very little T-Mobile presence.  If you had wanted an actual response from someone who could at the very least look into the situation, then the T-Force Team via Facebook or Twitter would have been your best options.