Craftsy one year deal

  • 2 April 2024
  • 6 replies


I am presently a premium member of Craftsy.  I just accepted the Tuesday deal 3/26/24 for an additional year of membership, but when I look at my Craftsy account, it doesn’t not show that the membership has been extended.  Suggestions?  And logging in with a different email won’t extend my membership, it would simply overlap two simultaneous memberships.  

6 replies

I wasn't a member but I'm not getting the full access for free 

Had trouble signing up 😑

I also accepted the Craftsy deal and signed up through the provided link in the TMobile Life app. But when I check my Craftsy profile, I am not showing that I have the premium tier membership. Any idea how I can resolve this?

I have the same problem. I accepted Craftsy membership on March 26, received confirmation emails and so on. But when I try to use a lesson the app sends a message that I have no access.

Also the Account details on my phone has a strange user id like user_ with a long list of numbers and letters.

If I go to the website to update my profile it will not let me save the details I entered.

Update:  I tried calling T-Mobile Support and Craftsy support.  Solution has not been resolved.  I am just giving up.  I don’t need Craftsy.

I tried signing in to my craftsy account to redeem this perk it took ages and I’d just had surgery and the meds made me apathetic about problem solving so I gave up. I just remembered it and was wondering if anyone ended up having any luck in the long run and if I should bother trying to deal with either companies customer service?