Is the free MLB not working for anyone else? S24+

  • 26 March 2024
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Get error when trying to redeem promo code.

14 replies


I just went through the process of signing up,  Got the same error message,  but when I go back to the MLB App and check my account I’m registered as a free member.    It’s just like the regular T-Mobile App, I have to go through the “forgot password” to login every time,   The App won’t accept my login information any other way.   I’m ready to say to heck with it all.    I had the same problem signing up to Netflix.    App developers do it on purpose to mess with our heads,    

I’m also having issues getting the free mlb promo. The mlb app won’t let me reset my password. I’m wondering if their site is overwhelmed here since it’s the beginning of the season and so many are taking advantage of the promotion??? 

I’m not sure if you had the same problem but when I redeemed and signed into an existing free account the Redeem Offer did not come up…so I logged out went back to T-life and redeemed again. This time it said already redeemed. So I closed that screen and the MLB App came up. This time I used a different email and created a new account. Still when I went to MLB settings account it showed as free account so I scrolled down to bottom and and touched Restore Purchase and that changed it to MLB.TV/At Bat and appears that I’ll be able to watch games when they start 

Mlbtv at bat is just audio only. Showing the same on mine. It states in the fine print that it should be the 149.99 package we get for free. 

Do you have to have the “Magenta” plan to get MLB. I have the 55+ plan & always got MLB for the last 3 years. Now MLB says I have to pay for the games

@PFC No pretty sure not, just have to redeem on T-Life App probably on Tuesday (when I did) but not sure about that. Suggest you get T-Life App and see. Offer deadline is 4/2.

@Jemcmeans Hmm…I’m watching Blue Jays at Rays BSSUN stream in the App right now with it saying MLB. TV/At Bat…perhaps you need to do what I described above, go through the T-Life App and then create a new account and/or press restore purchase..

From MLB:

At Bat subscription includes:

  • More than 7,000 Minor League games streamed LIVE
  • Watch on the go with the MiLB App for iOS and Android devices
  • Watch your favorite MLB team's affiliates on MLB.TV, in the MLB app or on connected devices
  • Listen to every out-of-market MLB game LIVE
  • Stream home games from all 30 Triple-A teams
  • Stream home games from all 30 Double-A teams
  • Stream hundreds of games from High-A and Single-A
  • All available Minor League playoff games included
  • Access to MLB Big Inning, expanded MLB.TV video content library
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Worked fine for me in Edge on my s23 Ultra.

It works but I can't cast to my TV via Google Chromecast. Is this feature not available with a T-Mobile subscription?

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It works but I can't cast to my TV via Google Chromecast. Is this feature not available with a T-Mobile subscription?

Why not just download the MLB TV app to your ChromeCast and sign in there?  

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I just signed up and the trick for me was changing my password. It seems like I always need to change it every year to get it to work.

I was seeing problems like everyone else. In my case, disconnecting my VPN allowed me to claim the offer.  Now it’s all working as hoped for/expected. 

Having issues with this since they offered the Tuesdays promo…. I activated it on time, it worked for my first couple tries watching the good ole Texas Rangers games then it stopped working, I have tried to restore my account try different log ins I have contact MLB and T-Mobile… MLB was no help, T Mobile said they were going to elevate my problem and get back to me…. that was over two weeks ago… needless to say I am not happy with T-Mobile right now for dropping the ball.