T-Mobile Tuesdays Pluto Benefit????

  • 4 March 2023
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Pluto app will not open after I installed T-Mobile Tuesdays benefit on two separate Roku devices

After I redeemed and installed T-Mobile's "Free hit movies and exclusive viewing experiences" benefit found on T-Mobile Tuesdays, neither Pluto app on two separate Roku devices will open.  ????  I have deleted and reinstalled the apps, updated Roku, restarted the Roku app, etc., etc. to no avail.  My Pluto account works perfectly on other platforms:  Android phone, Mac, Windows PC, etc.  The issue is limited to the Roku TV apps on two Samsung TV's.  Sheesh!  

I had installed the T-Mobile Tuesdays update for the Pluto Roku app late one night; and, the T-Mobile "benefit" worked perfectly:  free movies, on demand, with no commercial interruptions...just as T-Mobile promised.  The next morning (and, henceforth) the Pluto apps start and immediately crash and close.  

Any ideas for a solution?  Thank you very much.  --Don in Amarillo

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