t-travel scam artist

  • 31 October 2023
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Booked a hotel room through t mobile travel when I arrived the first room I was given had holes in the walls and black paint or rubber or something across the floors, the second room had black stuff all over the floors also and cockroaches the hotel could not accommodate me so they gladly cancelled my reservation when I did not receive my refund credit within the week I contacted them and was told I would have to go through t noodle to receive my refund so I contacted t mobile via email and advised them of the situation and was told they would confirm the cancellation so that I could receive my refund after over a week went by I contacted them via phone and was told they had to confirm cancellation and would be contacted in 3-5 days still nothing told the same thing once again finally the last person I spoke to flat out said per the third party booking company policy it was non refundable, mind you someone has been refunded my money because I have the receipt from the hotel and if they only get a commission for selling rooms why are they entitled to keeping my money and why did it take three weeks of being strung along to tell me this, I can not foresee conditions of a hotel before I check in and if they are willing to cancel and refund me T-Mobile/ @booking.com should not have a problem with that it called good customer service! I have booked multiple times through this site but after this experience will never again and I will make sure to tell any and everyone what scam artist these companies are!

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