Can't post to support discussion

    I joined to post info. on the FDFL thread.

    Official Free Data for Life discussion: Can my device get FDFL?

    Got email, can log in but I get an error every time I try to post. Says I have been logged out but I am clearly logged in and remain logged in. I tried 3 different browsers, all ad / script blockers off. Tried 2 computers, 2 tablets and a phone. All the same error.


    Who do I contact to clear my account so I post a simple request for help?


    i have wasted 6 hours w/3 or 4 different CS techs. / reps., all hopeless.


    If there is a forum admin. reading here please PM me if you would like my acct. details in order to fix this. Thanks.

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      • tmo_ryan

        Re: Can't post to support discussion



        That's really weird. If you can post here you should be able to reply to that thread.


        Can you post the message on this thread that you were going to add there? I'd like to see if it is just tied to that thread or related to the content in the message perhaps.


        If still occurring we can take the date/time of attempting (if you can share what time you attempted) and pass the information over to the software vendor to have them investigate it.