Routes on Cellspot up to other router?


    I have a little Vonage box upstream from the AC-1900 Cellspot.  That is, it's between the Internet uplink and the Cellspot router.  Vonage recommends this because they want the clearest connection possible for the VOIP.


    The Vonage box is a full-blown router, even though it only has the two Ethernet ports.  This includes a Web interface for configuring it.


    The LAN IP address for the Cellspot is  The WAN IP address is  The LAN address of the Vonage box is


    Using the AC-1900 utility, I can ping the Vonage box at


    However, when going from my desktop through the Cellspot, I can't ping  I can't access the Web interface there, either.


    I tried adding a static route to the Cellspot, but it didn't help.


    Any ideas on how to make this route correctly?

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