Moderation Revisited


    This was a topic sometime last year but I noticed anything I type is, all of a sudden, getting put in the moderation queue.

    Maybe the AutoModeratorMagic or whatever they call it, figured out what kind of a sneaky spammer I am?

    Or are we being spambobarded by the North Korean hackers?

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      • e2k

        Re: Moderation Revisited

        The forum was hit with several rounds of spam. I believe the moderation settings were ratcheted back up a notch or 2 in response. I used to be able to post outside links without getting moderated. Now I get moderated when I post some outside links (and even some internal ones), but not all.


        Perhaps tmo_lauren or tmo_ryan can chime in here.

        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: Moderation Revisited

          What?! You're a spammer? (Gasp ) I don't believe it!


          We've seen this happening to other folks as well. We're looking into this on the back end. In the mean time, we'll try to keep the posts moving through the system.

            • matesny

              Re: Moderation Revisited

              tmo_mike_c wrote:


              What?! You're a spammer? (Gasp ) I don't believe it!



              believe it or not!

              AI never fails. I am a spammer!

                • smplyunprdctble

                  Re: Moderation Revisited

                  Ryan had stated recently that he was working with the developers to fix some of the spam stuff.  Something about the auto-approve certain groups wasn't working right (??) and the fact links (even to were getting flagged sometimes, and people posting too quickly between posts (I really do type that fast) was sending them through the moderation queue.


                  Don't feel bad, I heard tmo_ folks were getting thrown through the queue as well.  I get thrown in at least twice a day!

                    • tmo_lauren

                      Re: Moderation Revisited

                      I've been on PTO or I'd have responded sooner!


                      The tool we use to protect us against spam ALSO thinks I am spam sometimes! D: It also thinks all of our people creating docs are spam because they use links, it's actually pretty annoying. -_-


                      That said! We are working with the dev team to try and come up with some fixes that will allow for white listed groups and hopefully be more intuitive overall.

                • tmo_ryan

                  Re: Moderation Revisited

                  Can't I go on vacation without people talking behind my back?!!?!?!?!




                  As everyone else has said, there's some stuff going on with the plugin we use to moderate spam and what not.


                  That said, I also noticed you aren't listed in any of our private permission groups so I added you to the "regulars" group.


                  That said of the factors considered by the black box that determines spam is how quickly/often you post. I suspect since you've been pretty actively lately it is being overly cautious. The more we approve your stuff the less frequently you should see your stuff get moderated (hopefully).


                  tmo_lauren and tmo_mike_c can keep an eye on moderation for us and let me know if they keep seeing a bunch of your stuff moderated, right?