Is there a way to set up parental controls for the internet on Samsung S4?


    I would like to set up on my child's phone so that he can not go to certain websites. Is there a way to do this?

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      • e2k

        If you have a postpaid account, log into your account, and go to "Profile." Then select "Family Controls" on the left-hand side., and select the desired filter level.


        Note: You cannot specify websites to be blacklisted. The filter is based on TMO's criteria. You would need a 3rd party app in order to specify your own blacklist.

        • greg_salyer_1313

          T-Mobile has no "real" parental controls! Why not? I have 9 lines with them, and have been a customer through many different mergers and name changes. Other carriers offer fantastic parental controls. I want....


          1. Ability to turn mobile data off on a schedule and also anytime I want to via a "parental control app" on my phone. Please don't tell me that my child can still access data via the WiFi as I am able to lock it down on schedules already.


          2. Ability to locate a phone EVEN if the child installs a gps faker app.


          3. Ability to lock the phone entirely (except for 911 and pre-approved numbers) via the "parental control app" on my phone.


          4. Ability to set a daily mobile data limit (example.. 2 hours per day).