9961 Personal CellSpot & Family/Parental Controls


    It would appear that the Time of Day restrictions I created and had working for our children's devices are being bypassed when these devices are connected to the Personal CellSpot in our house.  Whatever network-wide policy enforcement T-Mobile has that checks against a device's restrictions does not seem to be enforced either on the CellSpot itself, nor at the egress of the tunneled traffic once it arrives on the T-Mobile network.


    Is this a known limitation and is T-Mobile working to add support for Family Control on the CellSpot?

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      • gunner2083

        Update:  The Web filtering does appear to still be enforced, but the Time of Day restrictions are definitely not active when the device(s) are connected through the CellSpot...


        Any suggestions?

        • gunner2083

          After further research I am going to replace the CellSpot with a 4G LTE Signal Booster instead.  My assumption is that any devices connecting to the T-Mo network via a boosted signal are really just connecting to the "strongest" tower in my area and all Family Controls (including Time of Day Restrictions) should work as intended.  I will post my findings.


          Would be nice is someone from T-Mobile could jump in an validate my findings and assumptions so far...

          • gunner2083

            Think I found the answer to my original issue:  FAMILY ALLOWANCES/CONTROL DOES NOT LIMIT DATA!!  How difficult would it be for T-Mobile to put a disclaimer in the "Schedule" tab for Time of Day Restrictions that DATA is not restricted by any of the settings!  Kids don't talk on the phone these days so limiting calling hours is a waste of time...

            • greg_salyer_1313

              T-Mobile has no "real" parental controls! Why not? I have 9 lines with them, and have been a customer through many different mergers and name changes. Other carriers offer fantastic parental controls. I want....


              1. Ability to turn mobile data off on a schedule and also anytime I want to via a "parental control app" on my phone. Please don't tell me that my child can still access data via the WiFi as I am able to lock it down on schedules already.


              2. Ability to locate a phone EVEN if the child installs a gps faker app.


              3. Ability to lock the phone entirely (except for 911 and pre-approved numbers) via the "parental control app" on my phone.


              4. Ability to set a daily mobile data limit (example.. 2 hours per day).