TM-AC1900 USB assistance needed!!




    I have searched hi and low for a list containing compatible usb 3.0 hard drives to connect to this thing, with absolutely no luck.

    The Mfg says I need to talk with T-Mobile since they have "modified" the router from its original version, disabling multiple features.


    All I want to do is be able to connect a usb hard drive to this thing, backup files from a couple of Mac's and a PC and share files with family and friends. No too terribly much to ask in this day and age, I would say.


    I have read that a powered usb drive is more suitable for this than a usb port powered hard drive but as I mentioned, no where can I find a list of drives that are recommended to work with this.


    I bought a WD My Book 3TB drive but the router would not even see anything attached.


    Any assistance, pointers in the right direction is greatly appreciated!



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      • drnewcomb2

        Re: TM-AC1900 USB assistance needed!!

        I use a Seagate 3TB USB 3.0 drive. It works OK but not great. For instance, I can't just write a 1 GB video file to the drive as it's created rather I have to create it on another drive and copy it over. Trying to have the video conversion program write it directly results in a truncated file.  I had to change one of the settings under WiFi before it would work.

          • tonyps

            Re: TM-AC1900 USB assistance needed!!

            Morning and thank you for the info. Did you have to do anything special to

            get this to work? Did you need to format it with the computer you use it

            with and/or create folders on it prior to connecting it? Is the drive

            externally powered or usb powered? Could provide the exact model you used?

            Thanks again,


              • drnewcomb2

                Re: TM-AC1900 USB assistance needed!!

                It's an externally powered, pre-formatted USB 3.0 drive. There's a USB setting hidden in the 2.4 GHz WiFi setup. Under the "Professional" tab it's called "Reducing USB 3.0 interference"  Some people have reported that this needs to be disabled. After that, I set up the hard drive for SMB and DLNA sharing. Once it's shared via SMB, you can create whatever folders you need. I find that the USB 3.0 connector on the hard drive is easy to not insert fully. When it happens there are problems. Overall, I'd give the router a grade of "C" for it's file server capabilities. Works, mostly but not great.