Wifi Cell Spot vs 4G LTE Cellspot


    Hello all! I am a new TMobile customer and have a couple questions.


    We switched from ATT which had decent signal at my house, to T Mobile which has pretty terrible service here. I live in Dallas, so I didn't think I would have issues. I went to the T mobile store, and explained my issue. They set me up with a Wifi cellspot router and I went on my merry way. I have set it up, and I am still not getting any better signal. (Although, my WIfi has significantly improved)Which leads me to Q1.


    Q1.  Is this simply a router? The Rep at the store was making it seem like I would have more "bars" of service in my house.

    Q2. If yes, Is this For "Wifi Calling and Texting"? I brought my own device from ATT, (GS4) but it does not have these features.


    If this is the case, I don't want this device as it is not really doing me any good. But leads to my last couple questions.


    Q3. Does the 4G LTE Cellspot do what the Rep at the store was saying, and boosts the amount of "bars" my Phone will have in my house?

    Q3a. If yes, any tips on exchanging the wifi cellspot for the 4G LTE?

    Q3b. If Not, any other way to boost the signal in my house?

    If you have any insight, Please let me know.

    Thanks a bunch!!

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      • tmo_lauren

        Re: Wifi Cell Spot vs 4G LTE Cellspot



        Thanks so much for reaching out!


        I think I already know what's going on. The WiFi Calling and Texting won't be compatible with a non T-Mobile device, which is why you haven't seen an improvement in coverage. And because you don't have a T-Mobile device, the other booster option likely won't help either.


        I wish I had better news to deliver, or something helpful for what you already have.



          • cstew54

            Re: Wifi Cell Spot vs 4G LTE Cellspot

            Ahh gotcha! I do Plan on upgrading to a T MO Note 4 in the next couple weeks or so.


            That being said, is their anything i can do in the mean time to get better service at my house? I have seen the repeaters and have seen the 4G LTE Cellspot, but noticed you said those may not work. I typically have ~1 bar of service in my house. Not of LTE though I get great service everywhere else though!

              • matesny

                Re: Wifi Cell Spot vs 4G LTE Cellspot

                A WiFi Cellspot Router is simply a WiFi Router. It does not help with handsets without WiFi Calling.


                An LTE Cellspot works exactly the same way as WiFi Cellspot Router, except that you do not need a device with WiFi Calling. LTE Cellspot is a personal T-Mobile Cellular tower for your home! It broadcasts LTE Band 4 and UMTS (3G) Band 2 signals, both of which your phone is (should be, according to specs I got from Samsung website) capable of using.


                You should be fine with an LTE Cellspot.

                I think!