T-mobile sucks!


    I have opened a business account which is much more expensive than what I need. And I have spent tons of hours in the store but failed to solve the issue. Then I switched to another store the staff told me my previous plan is much more expensive than what I really need. The billing information is always so complex to understand. Also, the system always has errors when I log in. Due to the reasons above, I refused to pay for the bill and they started to charge the late fees. The overall experience is really awful and I want to share this with other customers. If any chance, I won't select T-mobile as the carrier again.

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      • e2k

        Re: T-mobile sucks!

        You don't really explain the issue(s) you are having. Were you misled about which plan to buy? As an individual consumer, I don't see any need for a business line unless you need a static IP, open incoming ports or other features that are only available to business accounts.


        Rather than going to stores, I suggest browsing plans online. The information is presented in a pretty straightforward way. You say that "The billing information is always so complex to understand." What specifically are you having trouble understanding?

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        • nmartinmaas

          Re: T-mobile sucks!

          I so agree

          T-mobile are liars and they want to get $for something. True or not!!!!


          Loyalty as customers,  the customers  is supposed to be always right?? Not with t-mobile


          Also, they want to charge me for a phone they refuse to give back, I used my phone everyday till I finally received my replacement how would that be possible if, I couldn't charge it.


          Makes no sense!


          They offered me a credit twice!  The picture is so blurry except for the port go figure. Well funny thing is I was able to find a pic of my phone...and surprise  no damage! And I hope everyone gets to see my posts because the first discussion  was never posted



          • tmo_mike_c

            Re: T-mobile sucks!

            That's no good you've had such a rough time with us louiszheng. I really wish we would have given you a much better impression. We'd like to help you get things squared away for you. What error are you getting when you try logging into your account? e2k asked a great question about your bill. If there's something specific on the bill you have questions about, let us know. We can try to shine some light on this for you.


            Hey nmartinmaas I've seen quite a few similar posts from you so I wanted to respond to this one and clear out the others. A few were in moderation, so I sorry for the hold up with them displaying before. I'd like to help you out as well so I want to make sure I'm on the same page. You wrote:


            Also, they want to charge me for a phone they refuse to give back

            This parts a little cloudy for me. T-Mobile will charge for a damaged device sent back to us after doing a warranty exchange. If this is the case, this would be a valid charge. This is something that would be explained before we finish filing it for you. If this isn't the case for you, let me know so I can help you. Thanks.

              • louiszheng

                Re: T-mobile sucks!

                I talked with T mobile online customer support last night, but they failed

                to solve my issue. Here is the thing I'm doing I have filed a complaint to

                FTC. And before the issue is solved I won't pay any bill. I feel so

                offensive and frustrated to be a T-mobile customer.

              • biloolid

                Re: T-mobile sucks!

                Totally agree - not had coverage for hours and i am sure they are still charging me...not to mention it took me an hour of fiddling just to find a post i could post on...that "ask and expert" message live chat - its fake...nothing there ...seriously, new service tomorrow

                  • magenta8546662

                    Re: T-mobile sucks!

                    T-mobile is synonymous with lousy coverage.  I can not believe just how terrible their coverage is.  And of course, when you call their customer service, they walk you through all kinds of needless steps without taking care of the real issue or even offering a discount for the trouble.  They are supposed to be providing coverage but they don't.  Isn't that what we pay them for?  So, they get paid for not doing what they're supposed to.  I have never been so disappointed with a cell-service. 

                  • bjd105

                    Re: T-mobile sucks!

                    Couldn't agree more! T mobile sucks, hey here's 100mb of roaming data,  ya that's useful when I need GPS. Horrible company, might as well go to AT&T since that's who I'm usually roaming on. At least I can use Google maps. This company will literally lie to you to get you to sign up. Big mistake! Bought a GSM phone so I'm screwed and stuck with either crappy T mo, or just above crap At&t. I recommend you stay away if you ever need your phone when you leave home. GARBAGE!

                    • jack10525

                      Re: T-mobile sucks!

                      What other carrier did you end up going with? I switched from ATT which has decent service but the rates are too high. They nickel and dime you to death. T-Mobile is cheaper but the service really sucks. I drop calls all the time and can't get on the internet unless I am on wifi. Even then the service is slow. Calling customer service is pointless. These idiots can't figure out anything. Wish there were better choices out there. Sprint sucks too.

                        • gramps28

                          Re: T-mobile sucks!

                          If CS is that bad , I wonder how the other carriers CS are.



                          • rory535

                            Re: T-mobile sucks!

                            Yep, Tmobile coverage is very poor IMO. I stay with them for some of the other benefits of free texting when in other countries as an example. I am a previous Verizon customer and my GF has Verizon and when Im in an area that has No Service, she does. Plus I routinely have to walk around even when its a mere 20 feet like a drunken idiot hoping to pick up an extra bar. That sometimes helps...thats just how bad of a signal they push out.


                            I work downtown and its bad there too. I will have much better service in the morning and then for some reason either because more people are on the network or Im losing signal, but my connection deteriorates significantly...and I sit at the same desk!


                            No matter what anyone will tell you, their coverage is not nearly as good as Verizon and thats a fact, dont let anyone else tell you different. I cant comment on other carriers. So if coverage and signal strength is important, walk away.

                          • jc95747

                            Re: T-mobile sucks!

                            T-mobile Tuesday giveaway really sucks.

                            Could not even get on website for Starbucks

                            Giveaway. Error 404 all day. Probably fake

                            Giveaway. Guess their using own lousy data

                            plan to post giveaway.

                            • rick#

                              Re: T-mobile sucks!

                              I have to agree with the sentiment of the group. I really wanted to like Tmobile, but so far its been nothing but frustrating (and I used Straight Talk for years!). I spent hours trying to buy the phone I wanted, but numerous problems with the website prevented me from purchasing. I finally decided to call the retail store and see if they had the phone in stock and I clarified that I wanted the Oneplus 7t Pro 5g McClaren that had just been released that day to be sure we were talking about the same phone. They verified that they did have it in stock and said they would hold the phone for me. I took time off of work and drove 30 minutes to the store just to find out they had not receive the phone at all, but they had "similar" phones they could sell me. When I insisted on seeing the manager, the employee kept repeating "He's just going to tell you the same thing. Is there something else you need?". I finally got the manager to come talk to me and HE didn't know the difference between a One plus 7 pro and the one plus 7t pro McClaren that had just been released, so apparently the problem trickles down from there. That would be more understandable if it wasn't one of two flagship phones TMO had been heavily promoting for the 5G kickoff.  This was the Dalton, GA store in Walnut Square Mall if anyone is curious. That afternoon I was on chat help and finally got a rep that was able to help me. She had the same problems I had with placing the order so it took a couple of hours, but she finally got my order placed.

                                   When my phone arrived I got it activated and was excited to see 5G on the service status. That was until I used the internet and realized how slow it actually is. I ran a speed test and was getting much slower speeds than I got with my old discount carrier. I've seen better speeds on 3G! Not only is it slow, but I can't even carry on a conversation without losing the call unless I'm on a major highway. I live in the coverage map area, but the coverage has a lot more holes than the map would have you believe. The wifi calling does work well, but thats not exactly something they provide through their towers. Now I just want to unlock my phone I paid $900 for (no discount and nothing owed) and they are telling me that I not only have to spend $100 first, but the first months payment doesn't count towards the $100 for whatever reason. I'm stuck with lousy service for 4 months, but I don't plan on being stuck quietly.