How to FIX visual voicemail on IPhone 6


    If resetting the network is not working for you, please try the following before heading down the path of factory resetting your phone as suggested by the support line. This option was not offered during troubleshooting with support and was found during a web search.


    1) Call your voicemail by dialing 123 or holding the 1 on your phone keypad

    2) Press the '*' key to get to the main menu

    3) Select option 5 to open the password security option

    4) Select option 1 and create a new password

    5) Once complete, select option 2 to turn ON password security.  This feature must be ON for visual voicemail to work.

    6) Close out voicemail.

    7) Send a test message to your number to confirm visual voicemail works


    If this does not repair your voicemail, the final thing to try would be a factory reset, but please give this a shot first.  This worked for me and I hope it will help save others some stress. 


    Good Luck!

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