How much does it cost to buy a new sim card?


    I just need to know because i need a new sim card

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      • tmo_lauren

        Great question!


        Cost can vary, but typically around $20



        • gregtrio

          Since you need a SIM it's a good time to switch carriers. T-Mobile sucks.

          • barcodeable

            BEST BUY ONLINE sells the sim starter kit for only $4.99 I bought 3 of them. I fell like a tool because i spent $20 dollars on the exact sim card at an authorised retailer. You may also be able to purchase a sim card directly from T-Mobile cheaper during their sim card promotional deals. I was in K-Mart the other day and I saw the same sim card kit i bought from Best Buy for $4.99 being sold in the K-Mart store for $9.99 wow. Im not sure why there are different prices for the same simcard.... but look at what best buy has to offer before they change their prices or run out of stock. I actually ordered 2 simcards just yesterday from BestBuy. The one i ordered a couple of weeks ago had arrived and it has the expiration date to activate the card by 2018. Thats the one thing Im unsure about, if they activated the card when I bought it. I read customer reviews not to buy simcards even the prepaid ones from Walmart Online because they do not fir whatever reason (maybe convience) do not activate the cards prior to them leaving the warehouse. If you buy simcards from walmart do it at the store. But as far as best buy goes.... I have read many positive review concerning Tmobile sim card purchases.

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