T-Mobile Customer service tech support says LG V20 is not supported


    I just got off the phone with Technical support. I was told the LG V20 uses the 800 band and is not compatible with towers 8n my area. Now this has to be a joke...  I live just outside of NYC.

    I never had any issues with any new phones before either.

    My download speeds were between 2 and 3Mbps and uploads the same.

    I went and some checking about my APN. The one that comes with the phone was wrong since documents here say it should be IPV4/IPV6 for the APN. I made a new one with this setting and now my speeds are 25 down and 10 up. Still  not where I think it should be but much better.


    Can anyone from Tmobile find out why I was told this phone is not compatible with the towers on Long Island NY?  And why my speeds are still slower than my N6 I used before? TIA

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