Cancle auto purchase which we did not ordered.


    Hi. Today we got email at 5:51 that we purchased $10.00 Mobile internet pass for our device: 8032150463. We were in USA last month and we used 3 Wireless hotspot devices, we did not select any AutoPay or automatic refill for our accounts. We want refund of this $10.00. This could even be violation of use of our accounts. Since we won't be back in USA, those 3 cards that we used will for sure expire. Please contact us back so we could help you terminate this SIM cards which we used for WiFi hotspots. Thank you.  Miroslav

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hi dubic, I'm very sorry if there was a mix-up with automatic refills on your account!  Unfortunately, we don't have account access in this forum, so we're not able to review the particulars or initiate a refund.  I understand you're back overseas now, so your best to Contact Us may be to reach out via social media so that you don't have to make a phone call!  I'm happy that we were able to provide your service while you were travelling, I sincerely hope we're able to resolve this for you so that we have the pleasure of doing so again.


        - Marissa