4G LTE Cellspot, issues


    Hi Everyone,



    I am having a bit of an issue with my 4G LTE Cellspot ("mini tower") - It was working great for 2 weeks since I have signed up for service. Up to 3 days ago, our phones have stopped receiving the broadcast signal from the mini tower - because I will go from full bars of LTE to; 1 or 2 in LTE, or; 1 or 2 in 4G.


    The tower itself gives no indication that it has issues, such as color combination. It gives all steady green lights.


    I know for a fact it is not my iPhone 7 or any other devices in my account.


    In order to remedy the issue, we have to power cycle the mini tower - maybe every 24 hours in order our phones to obtain the signal.


    I did some playing around, and even though my tower is off - I did a "what's my ip address" it still gives me this weird looking IP.

    It appears that I am connected to one of my neighbors Cellspot. (see attached)


    Advice, suggestions, or anyone has the same problem?



    My internet connection is 300 down and 30 up

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