Why does T-Mobile claim 'verified' 4G LTE service (and actual service) where there is none ?


    I have opened up more that 20 tickets over the past 18 months for lack of service where T-Mobile's coverage map

    a) Shows there is coverage (weak)

    b) Shows there is 4G LTE 'verified' service


    Using 3 different phones (2 T-Mobile branded),  there is only 'No Service' outdoors - in the clear in ANY (all) of the 'Verified' locations.

    T-Mobile acknowledges the 'weak' service area.

    I wouldn't call it weak if there is 'No Service' for the entire 5 mile area (rural community of Sleepy Valley, CA).

    After 18 months of tickets, T-Mobile claims they may be able to fix the issue in another 3 to 4 years.  WTF?!

    Why keep claiming service where they KNOW there is none ?

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