No roaming data connection in LA & TX continued...


    For whatever reason the system will not allow me to reply to the previous thread.


    In response to your post Marissa:

    Cellular One is the roaming service I'm typically connected to in the West LA and East TX area. Cities would include Leesville, LA; Many, LA; Alexandria, LA; Jasper, Tx; and Hemphill, Tx. I live and travel for work throughout this area and no roaming data is killing my productivity.


    Once again I connect just fine to Cellular One voice and text service but have absolutely no data connection whatsoever. No 2g edge,3g, or 4g.


    Furthermore, I have to manually toggle data services off/on once in TMobile's service area just to use on-network DATA. Is this an APN issue?


    Trouble Ticket # 14778048



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      • formercanuck

        Just my 2 cents here... but if you 'were' roaming on 2G, many carriers (especially AT&T) shut down their 2G service recently.

        • tmo_marissa

          Hi best5by3!  I did a little more digging and I owe you two apologies.  First, I'm sorry that I missed this in my initial check for emerging roaming issues - we have the issue reported under roaming partner Broadpoint MTPCS, not Cellular One - however, they're one and the same.  Second, I want to proactively apologize for the lack of detail I'm able to provide here - but I want to pass on what I was able to find.

          What I can tell you based on this report is that as of 12/28, data roaming is no longer available on Cellular One in areas of TX/LA, although voice and text should continue to work just fine.  Based on the information we have access to, I'm not sure if this change is a permanent business decision, but it definitely isn't in your imagination, and it's not your phone's fault.  This also explains why the ticket that was filed for you was returned with the answer that known coverage limitations are causing this lack of internet access. 
          This is bummer news to deliver, especially because we don't have an end date projected or a reason to give for the change. That said, I want you to be armed with whatever information we can provide, even if it's limited.  I would hate for you to file ticket after ticket with no results.  I truly apologize that the coverage has changed and that the roaming update wasn't provided the very first time you reached out.  Please know that I will forward feedback regarding this experience - it needs to be easier for us to advise you when the coverage in an area has shifted, so that we don't take up your time with tickets that seem to go nowhere.


          - Marissa

            • formercanuck

              Whatever happend to 'Lifetime Coverage Guarantee' ?

              • paulalanr

                I'm working at Fort Polk this week outside Leesville and having the exact same issue.  There's an open ticket, but I guess I'll be coming up with no solution.  So I'm sitting at McDonald's for hours using WiFi like a bum. 


                :  p



                It's really flabbergasting that I can travel all over rural Brazil, Costa Rica, and Mexico and use data roaming for free from my home plan, but I go a couple hundred miles up the road and I get nothing at all.  Way to go USA and T-Mobile. 

                • drnewcomb2

                  Broadpoint is the part of Cellular One that operates a GSM cellular system on oil/gas production platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. They have a unique MNN (311-170). Thanks to a lease arrangement with AT&T they also have a few towers located on the beach along the northern Gulf. While T-Mobile is supposed to roam Broadpoint's Gulf service, a small number of Broadpoint's shore-based towers are LAC-blocked to prevent unnecessary roaming.

                  • stevenmlaf

                    This is very disappointing.  T-Mobile coverage in this area, while expanding, is still very anemic and I haven't seen any plans to expand coverage in the Toledo Bend Lake area of Sabine Parish, LA, Sabine County, TX, Shelby County, TX, and San Augustine County, TX.  Coverage is grossly overstated to the point that "Fair" areas have zero signal given the topography is hilly with dense forest.  I spend many weekends in this area and was VERY satisfied with the data roaming service provided MTPCS (Celluar One) in this area; however, not having data service in this area may be a deal breaker.  Given the large number of residents moving to the area of Toledo Bend Lake, I'm surprised a site hasn't been added to cover the lake.

                    Any updates on if roaming data service is expected to return would be appreciated.

                      • drnewcomb2

                        T-Mobile doesn't publish their future coverage plans, except sometimes to show a general EOY prediction, and yes, their coverage maps are frequently exaggerated. T-Mobile is actually getting better. I had a couple of bars of LTE service at the Len Foote Hike Inn in the hills of N. Georgia. However, they would still not be my first choice for someone who spends most of his time in the more rural parts of the country.