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    Needed some help in comparing the SC unlimited with the newly announced One plan. Is it true that data is not throttled for SC Unlimited plans even past 28GB while it may be throttled on the One plan. Any other differences? I'm paying $120 currently on SC Unlimited all-in for 2 lines while it will be $100 total for One. Thanks everyone.

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      • Throttle is still possible when on a congested tower at 28GB.  In your case, saving $20 with auto pay is probably beneficial.  The all-in for taxes and fees are only on the service plan, not EIPs...EIPs still have taxes and fees.  Like me, I have the 2 line $85 6GB plan.  I have $4 in account taxes and fees, but each line has about $4 as well, so I'd save the $4 in tax but still have $8 in taxes and fees, lose my $15 discount and still have to pay that $15 PLUS $10 for not using autopay.  So, I'd pay more by switching.  Some people don't get paid every Friday or every other Friday, and instead get paid on the 5th and 20th or 1st and 15th, or whatever, plus some people split the bill, and can't do that with autopay, so autopay is not a viable option.

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          Hi there stringzs.


          snn_555 gave some helpful information. Just checking in to see if you needed anymore help with making your choice. Please let us know. Thanks!

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              Hi tmo_mike,I'm still grappling with my decision. I would save $20/month going with TMO One over my SC Unlimited. What I wanted to know was that would my speeds be throttled on my existing SC Unlimted Plan as compared to the 28GB limit on TMO One. I have never used more than 10 GB, but wanted to know before deciding. Also, apart from the 10GB vs 14GB 4GB tethering allowance, is there any other difference between the plans.Thanks for your help.


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                  Taken from the TOS when attempting to switch plans on my account. Basically all plans have the possibility of being throttled if in a congested area, and you use more than 28 GB. On the T-Mobile ONE plan your video streaming will be set to 480p, and tethering will be capped at 3G speeds. If you need 4G tethering or better than dvd quality streaming it would be best to stick with your Simple choice plan. If not save the $20 on the T-Mobile ONE plan.


                  On all T-Mobile plans, during congestion the top 3% of data users (>28GB/mo.) may notice reduced speeds until next payment cycle. T-Mobile ONE™ video typically streams on smartphone/tablet at DVD quality (480p) unless you add an HD Day Pass or Plus; tethering at max 3G speeds unless you add Plus. Simple Choice video typically streams at DVD quality (480p or better) with Binge On enabled; disable Binge On at any time.

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                    stringzs The rates will be the same on either plan!


                    The advice conzo gave is pretty solid!



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