Nougat update 7.0 instead 7.1.1 on galaxy s7edge ??


    I recently updated my galaxy s7 edge to the new os. Now my issue is that I was expecting the new update to be 7.1.1 but it was 7.0. Any ideas into how or when Tmobile is releasing this update. OR is there something else that wasn't done .

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      • theartiszan

        That is going to be up to Samsung. They will need to develop the update for the newer version.  So far nothing has been announced by Samsung that i have heard.

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        • evamae3

          Wow!! I have been checking every day to see if they finally had the Nougat update available....    I have a Galaxy S7 edge also, and I was just looking again when I noticed this comment or question but I swear I'm so confused about what it the world has taken sooooo long for Tmo to release this update!!!! And the device page just told me that it is still in testing!!!! Ughhh!

          I mean I read that AT&T already pushed Nougat to S7 edges 2 days ago!! Tmo used to always be the first retailer to push updates!!  But heck I still haven't figured out why the bootloader's are locked in the S7 edges to begin with! Huh

          Wish u luck    

            • e2k
              1. Google develops the base code.
              2. The manufacturer tweaks the code to work with their hardware.
              3. The carrier contracts with the manufacturer to develop an update that is specific to said carrier.
              4. The manufacturer completes the update.
              5. The Carrier tests the update.
              6. If the carrier approves the update, the manufacturer pushes it. If the carrier rejects the update, it goes back to the manufacturer to fix the problems.


              It is very easy and popular to blame the carriers, but the real power lies with the manufacturers. If you want fast updates, get a Google/Nexus device.

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                • evamae3

                  Re: Nougat update 7.0 instead 7.1.1 on galaxy s7edge ??

                  Very sorry if I offended anyone,  that is certainly not what I meant by anything I said. I've Been with T-Mobile since 2012 and always had Samsung devices and actually this is my fourth device since the Galaxy S6 Edge last December and since then I've had the S7 edge plus also, then I mistakenly tried an IPhone which was like 10 days of he**!!  (I would not own or use an IPhone if someone gave me one!!! Eeekkk!  I'm on my 4Th mobile. S7 EDGE I've had since August.  so I'm well aware and familiar with the updating and when the manufacturer does it when the carrier does it and when it gets pushed to our devices, the only point I was making is it's weird that T-Mobile wasn't the first one to push out the update in our area also why on the Galaxy S7 Edge is the first time they've had the bootloader locked on any of the Galaxy phones?  I'm just wondering why it seems like we're (TMobile and TMo customers) have been relegated to the back of the line! 

              • evamae3

                I just noticed my mistake I meant S7 edge Plus, then the IPhone

                  • evamae3

                    Dang S 6 edge plus GEEEZZZ 

                      • tidbits

                        Samsung locked the devices and people blame T-Mobile because in china they can be unlocked using an official tool.


                        The problem with that argument is that T-Mobile historically and also openly stated. It's up to the manufacturer to lock or unlock their boot loader. They will never ask it to be unlocked.


                        HTC locks their own but allows a tool.

                        LG has locked theirs for the past 3 years even overseas.

                        Samsung only locks the NA versions and not anywhere else it seems. Even when carriers don't care if they are locked or not. Seems like they are locking them in places that have Samsung pay. We'all find out more as time goes on.

                        Sony is like the only person one that is locked for T-Mobile with no real answer why due to the fact no other devices in the same time were locked. Makes you wonder doesn't it?

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                          • evamae3

                            Believe me, I've been wondering that same stuff for about a year! I can't seem to keep a mobile phone operating correctly since 4 phones ago last December!  Upgraded from St to S 6 edge and about every 3 months either Google was kicking me out (Chrome browser),  then next the native browser was lined up chasing me out about 2 months later on the next 6 edge plus, and then I almost had it figured out and Marshmallow was pushed and it's like every thing was inside out again!    Then the IPhone locked up completely within 8 hours of me having it. I did not even finish the setup basics on that nightmare!!!, I think it's called boiling down to the time way back having Xfinity Comcast Gateway wifi in my home for so long and they would not help me figure out why my phone's kept thinking that couldn't come in my own house without everything multiplying,,  and without having anything but my cell phone to access server settings on the life I Tower it was not functioning well needless to say $600 later at Best Buy for my wifi/cable "Gateway" the Geek Squad installed and a Samsung tablet that they assured me would be able to fix settings in router,, .NOT!!. it would only get online to access the router login with the CHROME BROWSER!!! And that happened November the same day this S7 edge for the update with the Samsung Cloud crap that myself nor Samsung +techs in my phone can find a way to NOT use that service which requires a PC to restore!  Ughhh I absolutely hate Xfinity but so does everyone else!  I'm about 1 millimeter from going back to the days of the beeper!!!   ., with all that being said I will never change my Google or Gmail account again no matter what because I think it all boils back two my original account and now my wireless everything is shot because you have to have a PC but I'm shocked that more Facebook people didn't have problem when the Facebook Messenger started showing up in weird places when are carrier wasn't the one putting in the Facebook app anymore and Samsung decided to at least that's what started my problems.

                            P. S. , here's a funny one I even went as far as to buy a VPN through Google Play Store and proceeded to lock myself out of my network at home my WiFi when all this started and no one at Samsung that I spoke to weekly said a word about any of that! But hey I keep getting more Samsung phones, quality counts!! , I was just having issues figuring out the phone's function and watching YouTube to try to learn and everything was conflicting with any  Google product I would use! I wanted to slap every person that told me to Google it and figure it out!!! Umnmhh ANDROID GOOGLE SAME!!! But hey I'm getting a education in Internet and computer technologies,   

                      • lp661

                        Not the update I was waiting for but it's still better then 6.0 hopefully 7.1.1 is soon to follow

                        • sslman71

                          This need to be updated thread. I just got the s7 edge from my brother, and it should be updated, and need more information now, that it is almost the end of the year and still no 7.1.1 or 7.1.2 update to the phone. It is still 7.0, and I just found out that J7 got the update to 7.1.1, before this device did. How does that work? This is a flagship phone, but the J7 isn't, even if the J7 had Nougat 7.0 already on the device before put on market. Still S7/Edge should get it before, and also S8/Edge too. So no excuse to bypass flagships like this. I have a serious issue of not listening to music because of massive battery drain. So I had to take micro sd card out and put in my older cheaper Luna Pro, and no drain of battery whatsoever. I was hoping that an update to OS would fix it.


                          I read all over internet that the S7 Edge has this problem with music listening even on MM. So I guess I am SOL on music listening on the S7 Edge. Would love it if the next update would come sooner than later, and fix the issue or someone from T-mobile would give a heads up to Samsung about it, and get it fixed on next update. No matter what I do to get the music not to drain battery faster, nothing works as a solution. Phone is used for anything besides music now. For a flagship to not be able to listen to music is seriously bad. Please get a fix.