Anyone having issues with Samsung Galaxy s7 nougat update?


    I already have issues with my phone overheating with basic use, like phone calls or sending text messages. So before I do this update I was wondering if anyone has had any issues, and if so what issues? I already don't like this phone but I had to get a new one. I've had more issues with it overheating than anything else. I wish I still had my Note 4!  

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        no issues

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        • chris13

          I'm having some battery drain issues, wifi issues and sporadic charging issues.  Yes, I THINK my phone is hotter than it was prior to the update while doing "normal" tasks.  I unfortunately think I may have to do a backup and restore to see if that helps.


          Also, some of my apps don't work, but that's probably an app issue, not the phone.  I deleted one app, re-stalled, it worked, but is now not working again.


          I knew I should have waited to update my phone, but got sucked in.

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            • tmo_mike_c

              Hi there.


              Just dropping by to ask, did you take try the reset and test without restoring anything as suggested above? We'd like to see if this could be stemming from an app that's not playing well with the new software. Please let us know. Thank you.

                • chris13

                  Hey Mike.  I'm not sure exactly what you (or the artiszan) mean about testing without restoring.  I tried to restart the phone after installing N and only added 1 or 2 apps after that.  The 1 app that wouldn't load, I uninstalled, re-installed, and it worked again.  Although sometimes even now it takes forever to load.  Cleared cache and did some other minor things/suggestions prior to reset/restore from different websites and not much helped.  Wifi still seems slower than before and battery seems to be gaining strength, if that makes sense.  Sorry I can't be more helpful...not completely tech illiterate, but not an expert either.

                    • tmo_mike_c

                      Restoring is in reference to putting things like apps, images, music, and other personal data back on the phone that wasn't originally there when you first got the phone. We recommend leaving those things off temporarily while you test the issue to see if it still happens. Also, as mentioned already, testing without the SD card in the phone for a short while can help isolate where the issue is coming from.

                        • khouri02

                          None of those things you suggest have worked in the past. I have used the

                          phone, brand new from box with nothing downloaded and it overheated. I

                          stated this in my earlier message response. It does not matter if I have

                          nothing on my phone or a few apps. The phone will still overheat doing

                          simple tasks. I also feel it should not matter if an SD card is in it or

                          not. It should not overheat either way. This phone has caused me nothing

                          but issues and no factory reset or new phone has stopped it from

                          overheating. I just hope the next phone I get won't cause more issues. I

                          don't like how T-Mobile is saying the updates are not causing issues and

                          yet you have some people, like myself, who are having the same issues as

                          myself when updates are sent out to do for the phone.

                      • khouri02

                        In response to what people are suggesting like deleting and reapplying apps

                        or even factory reset...for me it has not worked. I have even gotten a

                        replacement (brand new from store) and before I even added my old info or

                        apps I made a call to my mother and within 5 minutes my phone was on fire.

                        So I believe it is the phone itself that is just overheating for no good

                        reason. My battery goes from 100% to 70% in 20min just scrolling thru

                        Facebook app on my wall. I set it down and pick it back up an hour later

                        it's at 40% and then I call someone and goes to 35% and works like a champ

                        after that. I can watch 2-3 hr long shows on Hulu and my charge will only

                        go down to 15%. But had I been full charge after about 10min I'm down to

                        70%. Makes no sense to me. I've even been sending regular text messages to

                        people and my phone starts to heat up. I really can't stand this phone but

                        I'm stick with it until I can upgrade in 2 months. Meanwhile I have to pray

                        my phone doesn't freeze or lock up or burn like Hades in my pocket for no

                        good reason. This phone is crap to me and wish I didn't get it. I miss my

                        old phone but the updates were causing it to overheat as well. I believe

                        it's the updates, but T-Mobile doesn't want to admit that is the problem.

                          • theartiszan

                            That sounds like more than just the phone to me. When you did the reset, did you use it without your memory card and letting it restore your programs?

                            That sounds like it is getting stuck on some bad data or another app is locking everything up. As of right now my phone has been unplugged for about 14 hours and a hour long phone call and about 2 hours screen on time and I'm currently at 72% battery.

                            When you do a reset the phone does automatically restore some things. If I'm troubleshooting these kinds of issues, I remove the SD card and master reset the phone. Then skip through the sign in process and not let it restore anything. Signing into google after the phone gets to the home screen. Then over the next few days, slowly adding things back until I find the culprit. Usually in my experience it is old data on the SD card that causes the media scanner to go crazy.

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                              • khouri02

                                Ok it seems that people are stuck on the SD part thinking that this is

                                causing an issue. I said my phone replacement was a brand new phone.

                                Nothing added, nothing downloaded. I made a call to my mother after doing

                                the update and my phone overheated. There was nothing but a SIM card in the

                                phone. I even made up a new email with no other connections to old email

                                accounts and phone froze. It was the update. Nothing more. I have gone thru

                                2 brand new phones like this. Just because other are not having issues does

                                not mean I am not. Even the people in the store said they didn't know why

                                it was happening. All they said was give it time, maybe it will fix itself.

                                It hasn't and I still have issues.

                        • tmo_marissa

                          Hey khouri02 and chris13 - that's a bummer to read that you're having trouble with your devices post-update.  I just wanted to see if you'd had a chance to try a factory reset to see if that smooths out any wrinkles.  chris13 you mentioned you were considering one - did you wind up moving forward with a backup and restore?


                          - Marissa

                          • xenon2000

                            Same for me. Other than the SD card issue which I would call a bug, the rest for me were simply changes that I hated and caused me frustration. So I downgraded back to 6.0.1. After about 2 weeks of dealing with 7.0, I just couldn't take it anymore. And I usually love OS upgrades.

                            For me some of the biggest changes that I hated were the smaller font, lack of system wide dark theme support, worse battery life than 6.0.1, smaller fonts in notifications, lack of background color and sorting in Notifications, lack of quick access shortcut scroll for top 10, and more.

                            • georatm

                              The battery is draining like crazy, it lasts me about 5 or 6 hours at the most no matter how I use the device. Some other issues are popping out as well. My volume rockers don't respond unless i restart the phone, "wmv" app has closed is another error I am seeing as well. Overall too many force closing of the apps as well, though I think these things can be hashed out with another update. One last note, I seem to be dropping a lot more calls lately as well.

                              • tmo_chris

                                For the folks still having crazy battery drain after resetting and not restoring data, can you please check your battery usage information and let me know what specifically is using the most battery life? You can find this under settings > battery.

                                  • khouri02

                                    Every app I have under batter usage is either .02% usage or .01% usage and

                                    the rest 0% usage.


                                    It's almost like you T-Mobile aren't fully reading what is written.



                                    NEW PHONE I REPLACED IT WITH I GOT A NEW MEMORY CARD.


                                    It's like you fail to see that some people can have issues with a phone and

                                    it's just a faulty phone, that's it. Some people do get the 'bad phone's in

                                    the bunch, while others have no problems.


                                    Matter of fact, as I started writing this email my phone was 100%. It took

                                    me all of 5min to write and I'm now at 90%. All for writing an email.


                                    This phone is just crap for me. Nothing more. Thanks but no thanks.

                                      • tmo_chris

                                        I agree that it is most likely the phone itself at this point. The troubleshooting you have done has all lead to this being an issue with the phone. 10% battery drain in 5 min is not normal for any phone and phones with this kinds of issue would never make it off the manufacturer shelves if this was something that users just had to deal with.


                                        While this rarely happens, it is totally possible that you have just had 2 bad apples in a row. Luckily, we honor and fulfill the standard 1 year manufacturer's warranty and will work with you to get you a working device as that is what you paid for and deserve. If you have not already, please Contact Us again so that we can make this right.

                                          • khouri02

                                            I have the jump plan so I'm waiting until May and just get the newer phone

                                            and hope for better that time around.


                                            But thanks for understanding.

                                              • xenon2000

                                                khouri02 , if I was you. I would seriously consider skipping the Galaxy S8. Check out the S8 vs S7 reviews. Plenty of them.


                                                A few cons of the S8 vs S7:

                                                - NO hardware buttons, soft buttons only. That means you have to swipe up to get on screen touch controls for Home, Back, Recent list, I have a spare Motorola with only screen controls and it's super annoying to deal with disappears keys.

                                                - Same rear camera as the S7. While a great camera. I like the S7 camera. But since it is the same on the S8, this means this isn't a pro over the S7. So for S7 owners, that is no longer a big reason to change to the S8.

                                                - less phone to hold onto. The screen area makes it even harder to hold and harder to get a case where you can reach the edges of the phone.

                                                - Fingerprint reader moved to the rear and not left hand friendly. Or if you are like me and unlock the phone while it sits on a desk, you can't. You have to pick it up to do it. Also, the placement makes it very easy to put your finger on the camera lens all the time too.

                                                - no real improvements to things I don't like about the S7, like the glass back and curved screen edges on the non-Edge version. Etc.


                                                Main improvements on the S8:

                                                + better 8MP front camera

                                                + USB C connector, the S7 really should have had this too.

                                                  • khouri02

                                                    Honestly I don't want any other Samsung s model phone. I want my note 4

                                                    back. I prefer the note over all, and had there not been a system error

                                                    after the update with that phone I would have still had it. I just am tired

                                                    of having a phone that feels like it's on fire all the time and feels like

                                                    it's freezing up all the time.


                                                    So until they come up with another note phone  (that won't explode) I'm

                                                    stuck with the next in line for now. Besides if I don't like this one I can

                                                    change again at the end of the year when they have something else. As long

                                                    as I don't end up with an iPhone I'm good.

                                                      • georatm

                                                        Either but an unlocked device such as the ZTE Axon 7 or go for the LG G6. It's looks like a very nice device.

                                                        • evamae3

                                                          I hate to stick my nose in your issues so late but I was reading some of your problems and I had to at the very least give my advice. Before you do anything else (get new phone, reset this phone, or whatever) turn in your WiFi gateway Router back to Comcast/Xfinity so you won't be renting their "home hotspot" for 10$ a month. After a year and 4 phones later I learned the hard way. I went to best buy and purchased an Arris SBG6700-AC modem/router. It has all the same specs of Comcast's gateway but it's not a hotspot that automatically signs you in, and you can set your own settings up and have all the info that ISP's don't want to tell you. Just a suggestion also if you change the password for you wifi make sure to check your Google account to see if it was smart locked  . I hope anything I suggested might help solve your problems, but I have Comcast /Xfinity and have since 2005 but I hate them with passion! Now they are also going to be in the Mobile phone business with I think Verison. Idk but I have my own Router now but that was the beginning of my year of pure hell.

                                                          Best of luck

                                                            • khouri02

                                                              sooooo...just an update to your late reply...we have already changed out

                                                              our 3yrs ago. my husband is a techie, and we have comcast

                                                              business account. we no longer pay the 'rental fee', and have not for

                                                              years. Thanks for the advice, but we already dont pay comcast more than

                                                              they need to take from us.

                                                                • evamae3

                                                                  Oh okay I'm glad y'all aren't paying for their rental fee for "their hotspot" feature either! Over a year ago that is the beginning of all kinds of trouble I'm still currently having! I don't people realize the hotspot feature means. Yes you only have to put your home password in one time and never have to again is not good. My password was locked with Google Smart locks, but I didn't know, also Comcast had been intercepting all my Microsoft email since I switched to TMobile in 2012,, crazy but true. I had always wondered why I could never get the confirmation mail and finish setting up my Microsoft stuff. Turns out because I have never had a home hard phone line we were eligible for Xfinity voice which has I opted out of and never used but there in an Xfinity app sat all my Microsoft confirmation mails and countless others! It has just snowballed to a WiFi Nightmare! Anyway just glad to hear that Comcast is not fooling everyone! Good luck