LG V10 Boot loop problem and LG wont help me without charging 300$ can tmobile help me?


    Tried contacting LG and they said the warranty is out because I bought it on release date. Im still paying for the phone through Tmobile and it really sucks to have a brick for 2 months while still paying for it. Any help?

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      • tmo_marissa

        Ouch vexlah, I'm so sorry to read this!  Did you have any luck getting this sorted out?  I have to say this is the first I've heard of a charge for this issue, but I understand that if the warranty is void because of the timeline since purchase then this may be considered a repair instead - but in my family's budget, that would qualify as quite an expensive repair.

        We honor a warranty extension for customers carrying insurance - do you have JUMP! or PHP on your line?  If so, we can still exchange the equipment for you, even if its past the initial year!  Otherwise, if you've only got two months of payments left, that definitely is more affordable than the out-of-pocket to have LG repair the phone - you may be able to simply bite that bullet and go ahead and upgrade now, rather than wait.  Being without a phone for two months would be impossible for most people!  I'm sorry you're in this sticky situation.


        - Marissa

        • adam1991

          LG just announced that because of this issue, they are extending the warranty to 24 months from date of manufacture.


          I have had not one, but TWO LG V10 units repaired free of charge--the second one I bought used, and it was just a few weeks ago that they fixed it.  Manufacture date was October 2015.  They didn't even blink, they just repaired it and sent it right back.  No charge.

            • tmo_marissa

              adam1991 this is awesome to know, thank you so much for sharing!  Are you able to offer a link to this announcement, by any chance? 


              - Marissa

                • adam1991



                  Over the course of 3 or so months, I've had TWO V10 units repaired absolutely free of charge.  (Actually, I ended up paying shipping to the facility for the second one.)


                  And BOTH of them, I bought used.  I had zero paperwork, and the only thing we knew about the phones was the information on the sticker in the battery compartment.


                  All I did was use LG's mobile repair site to log my case, and I referred to the unit having the bootloop problem.  I ignored and left empty the part about purchase date, paperwork, etc.


                  The first time, based on the information I gave, they provided me with a shipping label to send it in.  A week later I had it back in my hands.  That was probably January.  I had bought a second unit after the first unit died; after the first unit got repaired and was sitting in a drawer, my second unit died.  So I sent it in, figuring I had nothing to lose.  If they wouldn't repair it, or if they wanted me to pay, I was really out nothing.  My gamble paid off--once they had it, LG repaired it that day and sent it back to me.


                  I now have two repaired V10s.


                  I like LG's interface, I like their desktop software, and I like their customer service and the fact that they took care of this.  Sure, it would have been better if the problem hadn't occurred in the first place.  Well, such is life.  Sure LG stumbled, but they recovered from it and took care of the problem.  Many people are spitting angry that the problem happened in the first place, and refuse to do business with LG ever again because of that.  I say, let the first man who's made no mistakes ever speak up about how bad LG is.  The rest of you, think back to when you made a mistake--were you fired?  Did your wife divorce you?  Did your parents throw you out on the street?  Did you get kicked out of school?  Or were you allowed to recover and learn from that mistake?