Best fit for my needs!


    Hey there, how are you guys doing?


    I'm a mix engineer, work mainly with american artists but i live in Brazil, I'm looking out to have one prepaid american number so i can communicate with my clients mostly via SMS. Which plan would be the cheapest to attend my needs?


    The sim card shipping would not be a problem, my brother lives in Seattle and he can handle the shipping for me!


    Hope theres some good plans for my case!


    Thanks in advance,

    Diogo Zaccara

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      • theartiszan

        Re: Best fit for my needs!

        Unfortunately this would not be possible. While T-Mobile does allow international use,  it is for visitation purposes and not meant to be a long term solution. If more than a certain percentage of phone usage is off network,  your plan would be cancelled.

        Your better option would be to find an online based internet sms provider of which there are many.