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    Does T-Mobile ever update or roll out a new band into a region currently covered by another band? I live in west/central Pennsylvania. Basically in between Pittsburgh and State College/Harrisburg. Right now in the city I live in the LTE band is 2 and for the most part it's good but there's a few places that there is no coverage when driving just outside the town. When I loose LTE I have no coverage since Band 2 is refarmed 3G, so when LTE goes there's nothing. My question is will T-Mobile ever replace band 2 in my region with band 4 or 12 for better coverage and building penetration?

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      • tidbits

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        eventually all their bands will be LTE, but there's a lot of things needed to be approved and worked on.  Also devices supported spectrum also plays a role.

        • dragon1562

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          Hey there just wanted to say that I'm a fellow Pennsylvania and have a feeling that I know of where your referring to. To answer your question though the answer is it depends. I can guarantee you that at some point they will add ether Band 12 or whatever the band is for the 600mhz spectrum that they acquired on the tower. I can't give you a exact date  but it will happen. As for band 2 being replaced with band 4 or haveing band 2,4,12 operate all together I wouldn't hold my breath. The middle of Pennsylvania for the most part is all woods and highway so it doesn't really need the capacity. I live in a small town called Koppel and we have Bands 2(10x10) and band 12(5x5). That covers roughly 10,000 people max and that may only be during a event. So basically what I'm trying to say is that unless their is a need then the investment probably won't occur any time soon when their are other places like Detroit that need there attention.


          The only thing you can do on your end is make sure the local council makes it easy for carriers like t-mobile to get all the paperwork approved and such because thats what takes up most of the time. Installing the Antennas and such can be done in like two days.

          • drnewcomb2

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            T-Mobile switches things around quite a bit. They currently use AWS (band-4), PCS (band-2), 700 MHz (band-12) and in just one market, cellular 850 MHz (band-5). With differing amounts of each type of spectrum in each market. They employ 2G (GSM), 3-3.5G* (HSPA+) and 4G (:LTE) and are constantly redistributing and rebalancing the bands and technologies as needs change but the trend is to eventually move to all LTE and even 5G, which is yet to be defined. T-Mobile recently got quite a bit of spectrum in the 600 MHz auction and will be adding band-71 LTE over the next few years. The big effort in much of Pennsylvania is to add band-12 service in rural areas but the hilly terrain makes the process difficult as more towers are needed to get coverage into the nooks and crannies than in a flat area like east Texas. 


            Band-2 and band-4 are roughly equivalent in range, building "penetration", etc. Band-4 actually straddles band-2. Bands 12 and 71 have better range and "penetration" due to their lower frequencies.


            *Despite what T-Mobile's marketing says, HSPA+ is not 4G, it's 3.5G.

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              Hey rebretz000  and thanks for posting.


              Our fellow members posted some really great information about T-Mobile rolling out coverage. We can't say exactly if certain bands will be changed to others, but we are making coverage changes to help improve signal and allow other folks to take advantage of our band 12.