Verizon Galaxy S7 Edge - no data


    hi guys.. i need help.. my phone is from verizon.. i recently bought t mobile sim and activate the sim.. but the problem is i dont have mobile data always stuck on EDGE.. i tried everything.. i try the apn settings.. re search for 3 days already.. but i have othing i need help please..


    here is my IMEI 358166076528881 please help me

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Verizon Galaxy S7 Edge - no data

        No data, is no bueno kuronekofuun .


        Did you match the APN settings with the info we have for our T-Mobile version?  Are you having trouble in just a one or a few specific areas, or is this happening everywhere? Just a heads up, we can't gaurantee Non-T-Mobile devices will work on our network, but we're gonna do everything we can to help you.

        • stevetjr

          Re: Verizon Galaxy S7 Edge - no data

          One other trick that has worked for some is rather than changing the default APN to T-Mobile, Samsung allows you to add an alternate APN and then select the alternate APN as the active APN.  It is theorized that Verizon has hard coded something in their APN settings so even though it pulls some of the data from the SIM into the APN it is not overwriting everything but when using the alternate APN it bypasses that.  It is worth a try of course :-)

            • magenta1580819

              Re: Verizon Galaxy S7 Edge - no data

              I'm not techie.  I wouldn't know an APN from an ABC or a 123.  Nonetheless, I'll chime in.... I recently switched from Verizon (Note 3, Verizon version) to T-Mobile.  I've had nothing but a multitude of problems since!


              I realize a Note 3 is considerably older than a Galaxy S7.  But I'm happy to hear someone with a newer phone is having issues.  (No offense to the OP!)


              In a previous reply by tmo_mike_c (I don't find any way to do a "quote" on this forum") he said: "Just a heads up, we can't gaurantee Non-T-Mobile devices will work on our network...."  (In a T-Mobile store this week I was told the only non-T-Mobile phones they will support are an iphone -- something or other model -- and the Pixel.)  That ticks this non-techie guy off! 


              Before I made the switch from Verizon to T-Mobile I inquired numerous times if I would have any issues if I switched.  I was always told I would not.  Wrong! (Methinks, more and more, that the kids working in the wireless stores don't have a clue and just want to make a sale.)


              Bottom line, I suppose, to my post is this warning: regardless of how intriguing the advertising or what they tell you in a store don't expect to switch carriers and expect the switch to be problem-free.  Chances are it won't be!

            • tmo_marissa

              Re: Verizon Galaxy S7 Edge - no data

              Hey, kuronekofuun! I just wanted to check in and see if Mike & Steve's suggestions were helpful here. Please let us know how you're doing!


              magenta1580819, that is such a bummer to read. We should definitely not be misrepresenting our ability to guarantee support for Non T-Mobile devices, I don't blame you for being disappointed hearing this news after checking so many times to make sure everything would work. I did just reply to your thread, and am happy to help with whatever I can if you want to take a look over there!


              - Marissa

              • pedro_sanchez

                Re: Verizon Galaxy S7 Edge - no data

                When I switched from ATT to TMo, I had an unlocked ATT Samsung S6 that wouldn't connect to the TMo network. I spent a good bit of time online with tech support who tried everything in their scripts and finally told me to make a trip to a TMo store for further help.After hanging up, I decided to try one more thing that hadn't been suggested; I put the phone in airplane mode then back into celluar mode. I tried that and guess what, my issue went away and never reappeared.

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                • tmo_marissa

                  Re: Verizon Galaxy S7 Edge - no data

                  Hiya kuronekofuun! Just wanted to check in on you -- please let us know how you're doing!


                  - Marissa

                  • tmo_chris

                    Re: Verizon Galaxy S7 Edge - no data

                    Just checking in here to see how things are going Please let us know if there is anything we can do.

                    • gamera1313

                      Re: Verizon Galaxy S7 Edge - no data

                      I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge that I bought from Vodafone in the UK. I can't unlock the T-Mobile SIM card in it. I spent hours with tech support and finally brought it into the store. They couldn't fix it. They called tech support and said that there was a problem with my device and not their SIM card. I just wanted to add my comment because it sounds like this phone model doesn't work well with T-Mobile in this case as well. I'm almost ready to give up but I'm going to see if I can find a solution with Vodafone UK.

                      • culby87

                        Re: Verizon Galaxy S7 Edge - no data

                        I found an answer through a different post for my verizon s7 edge and getting it to work with t-mobile.  I could send texts and make calls but had no data and the below information fixed my issue.  Original post was for a note 2 but again worked for the s7 edge.


                        I did have to reboot my device after these steps though!!!


                        APN & data settings

                        To set the Access Point Name (APN) and turn on data settings, follow these steps:


                        1. From any Home screen, tap the Apps icon.
                        2. Tap Settings.
                        3. Tap More settings.
                        4. Tap Mobile networks.
                        5. Tap Access Point Names.
                        6. If available, tap the T-Mobile US LTE (the bullet point fills with green). If not available, tap the Menu icon, and then tap New APN.
                          Note: To reset your APN settings, tap the Menu key and then tap Reset to default.
                        7. Verify and update the following settings for the Data APN:
                          • Name: T-Mobile US LTE
                          • APN:
                          • Proxy: <Not set>
                          • Port: <Not set>
                          • Username: <Not set>
                          • Password: <Not set>
                          • Server: <Not set>
                          • MMSC:
                          • MMS proxy: <Not set>
                          • MMS port: <Not set>
                          • MMS protocol: WAP 2.0
                          • MCC: 310
                          • MNC: 260
                          • Authentication type: <Not set>
                          • APN type: <Not set> OR Internet+MMS
                          • APN protocol: IPv4/IPv6
                          • APN roaming protocol: IPv4
                          • Enable/disable APN: <greyed out unless there are multiple APN's>
                          • Bearer: Unspecified
                        8. Tap the Menu key.
                        9. Tap Save.
                        10. Tap the desired APN profile you want to use. The bullet point fills with green next to the APN profile.


                        I switched my Note II from Verizon to T-Mobile.  The voice is working but the data is not.  Says no internet connection on my phone.  Any suggestions?

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                        • nightgoat

                          Re: Verizon Galaxy S7 Edge - no data

                          ...don't post your IMEI publicly. That's not a good idea.


                          Some specific-ish and general tips about dealing with this stuff.


                          Best thing to do imho, take advantage of the fact you are using a device that is unlocked and runs on Android. You think this Samsung model is a pain?  Try one that is pre-2014... I digress. The point is, you can root this phone, and while it sounds intimidating, it requires just a few things...


                          1. take many deep breaths. calm yourself. anxiety meds, meditation, whatever works.

                          2. you need the ability to hook your phone up to the computer with a USB cord

                          3. you must, and I mean, absolutely must pay attention to the instructions.

                          4. this requires a bit of time (an hour to several, depending on your tech savvy),

                          5. remain calm under stressful situations, and know that you will not have access to your phone for the duration of this process.


                          google search xda forums root samsung galaxy s7 edge verizon (or whatever carrier you are coming from) and go from there. but, like i said, pay attention to the instructions and the BIG RULE THAT IS ABOVE ALL ..... educate yourself on what you are doing so that if something unexpected happens, you don't freak out.


                          Tmo support is great, but they are also untrained on such matters, so some hear the word "root" and pass out. Unlike other tech support reps from other carriers though, they will not generally read you a line of scripted bs that lists all of the nonsense reasons that rooted and/or third party devices are not supported.  I had a friend working in Tmo tier III data support that was willing to work with a customer that bought the absolute WORST POS knock off iPhone (1st gen) when he was overseas.... and he was able to get that thing working on Tmo. So yeah. They are smart people. Just be patient. If you get someone on the phone that is out of their comfort zone, just call back and talk to someone else. Protip : Asking for a supervisor is a waste of time.... they have usually been off the phones know....managing employees instead of staying current on the tech, so the person you get on the phone is likely far more knowledgeable.