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    I am currently on the old $50 Simple Choice prepaid plan.  I know they did away with those plans and they are just now a $45/$55 Simply Prepaid plans available now.  I am just curious how the old Simple Choice prepaid plan compares to the new Simply Prepaid plans?


    Did coverage change or anything?  I am just curious as the $45 option has a 4GB data bucket and the $55 has a 6GB bucket.  They both have Music Unlimited which compares to the Music Freedom of the Simple Choice plan.  You can also use your phone as a hotspot (comes out of the data bucket obviously).


    I do use the Music Freedom and Hotspot functionality on my Simple Choice plan and wouldn't mind saving $5/month and having twice as much data if everything is the same on the new plans!  Can any Tmobile Employee tell me how the old Simple Choice compares to the new Simply Prepaid plans?


    Also I would like to get a new phone.  While my old LG Optimus L9 still works and does what it is supposed to.. I wouldn't mind buying a new one.  I know I would have to play full price for a new one. That is not a problem.  But what would I do if the phone I get uses the nano SIM card compared to the micro I have now?   Do I buy a new sim and call customer service to switch over?  I am not sure how it works with the prepaid plans.

    Thanks for any help!

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      • miket

        Re: Question about Prepaid Plans

        The only answer I can provide is that when you get a new phone it will come with a new SIM. The number will be transferred to your new SIM.

        • needle_bites

          Re: Question about Prepaid Plans

          base on this document  Prepaid plans   the difference between "Simple Choice plans vs Simply Prepaid plans" is that  with Simple choice you get less data bucket with international services, while Simply Prepaid you get more data bucket but no international services.



          Example :

          Simple Choice : $50 2gb, with calls and text to or from Canada or Mexico and Unlimited  International text messaging

          Simply Prepaid : $45 4gb, no international  service, so you can only make calls or text in US.




          So it really depends on what you need, simple choice is still a good deal because you don't have to pay extra for international services, although with simply prepaid with more data you can call or text  using app's like fb messenger through internet.

          • berniefromtx

            Re: Question about Prepaid Plans

            Well... I'm still on the $50 NA UNL. TT & Data (2GB 4G LTE) plan for the past two years, and it works great, and I've been grateful for such a plan. The music streaming doesn't count against the 2GB data, so nice to be able to use that while in Canada.


            However ... things stopped working! Now they charge me $0.10 per SMS to Canada!! They've done something recently that their billing system has started to charge for calls and texts to Canada, so if the prepaid balance is at $0 (zero) - even if you have enabled auto-refill - they block texts and calls to Canada!!


            It's so bad that i've had to open trouble tickets 3 times over the last 2 months with absolutely no clue from their technical staff.


            Perhaps tmo_lauren has any further ideas why I'm getting charged per text for an unlimited North America plan...


            Here's the twitter reply from the tech support:

            "This is what came back from our engineers "Our records indicate that the messages for this prepaid subscriber are failing because of "insufficient funds". Please check the customers balance and Verify they have at least $3 on the account to allow messaging and ensure the rate plan includes texting or international texting, if they're trying to text internationally." "

              • tmo_lauren

                Re: Question about Prepaid Plans

                Hey berniefromtx


                Assuming I am looking at the right rate plan code based off the description you provided, you should definitely have Mobile Without Borders included which would allow you to have texting to Canada.


                I am going to send you a PM, I don't have account access on here but since you have already reached out to the Twitter team, I can get in touch with whoever spoke to you and make sure they understand you SHOULD have it included, and that engineering ticket returned is not providing an actual solution.


                Can you please check your PMs here-


                Thank yoooou!



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