When Bluetooth enabled I cannot hear Google Drive instructions


    When I am in my car and enable the Bluetooth, I cannot hear the directions from Google Drive or Maps.  If I turn off the Bluetooth the directions are heard through the Samsung Galaxy 8 phone.  How can I fix this?  I would like to have Bluetooth on and the directions come through the car's speakers.  The car is a 2013 Subaru Outback.  Any help would be appreciated.  But even with the  Bluetooth on and the  directions from the phone's speakers would be helpful.

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      • drnewcomb2

        I don't know because all cars are different. I sometimes listen to podcasts on my phone. Some BT headsets will pay the podcasts, some won't. There are different profiles supported by different BT devices. I know in our car, the music and headset profiles as separate. You can pay music from one device and have the phone attached to the other.

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        • tmo_marissa

          Hey, jachern! drnewcomb2 is right about this -- BT has such a wide variety of profiles that devices can interact in radically different ways. In my ancient Subaru Legacy Wagon, the after-market JVC stereo system (manufactured only three years ago) is compatible with my LG G6's bluetooth for the purposes of media audio, but won't do call audio for some reason.

          Do you seem to have any trouble pairing your BT, and do other things play from your phone through the speakers without issue? Are you using the stereo system that came with your car, or did you purchase one and install it after the fact? You might be able to check your S8's compatibility against specs listed on Subaru's site, or the manufacturer of the stereo you're using. We did have another user with BT issues after upgrading from an S7 to an S8 who directed us to a pretty hefty thread on Samsung's forums about BT issues with the device -- you can take a look here for that link: Galaxy S8 Bluetooth Issues. Did your previous phone work with your car's stereo without issue?


          - Marissa

          • jachern

            Thank you for your replies, Marissa and drnewcomb2.


            The Samsung Galaxy S7  did not have any of these problems.  With Bluetooth enabled the Google Maps gave directions through the Subaru Outback's speakers and allowed me to answer calls through the Bluetooth as well.


            The sound system is not after market and the Subaru is a 2013, not ancient, but not brand new either.  Subaru shows compatibility with Bluetooth 4.0, but I would think 5.0 should be backward compatible. I can play music and audio books through my phone with no problems.  I use the AUX selection in the car.  I will try see if there is a separate Bluetooth connection for maps versus phone calls

            versus music for the Subaru.


            Other people are reporting on Samsung's site problems with the Bluetooth playing music through the car's speakers, such as scratchy or with static.  The two questions about Map directions have not yet been answered.  I have added my own inquiry.  I would like to know if this is a Samsung or Android issue.  I guess I will try the Android Q&A site.

              • tmo_marissa

                I gotcha, jachern. I did read a few blogs when trying to research the BT issue for OP who authored the post I linked to that mentioned exactly that about 5.0 -- that it should be backwards compatible -- however, the length and breadth of that post on the Samsung forum led me to wonder if that's always the case. Just to make sure I'm understanding this part -- can you play any media (like your music or audiobooks) with your S8 through the car's BT, or only through AUX? Since the S8 is the first device to launch with bluetooth 5.0, it's tough to say if it's an Android issue or a Samsung issue or a gap in the backwards compatibility of BT 5.0. I'd definitely love to hear anything you hear back from Samsung. For our part I am happy to reach out to our contact who works with them on the Samsung content here -- we'll see if we've heard anything! I'll keep you posted.


                - Marissa

              • jachern

                Thank you Marissa for your response.  I have tried playing with the Bluetooth in the Subaru and found that there are two ways to connect.  One is car multi connect and one is just for phone calls.  If I use the one just for phone calls, the map directions can be heard through the phone's speakers.  So now I know how to have my Bluetooth and Map directions too.