Possible to temporarily switch carriers while traveling outside USA?


    I have a T-mobile $30/mo prepaid plan (unlimited text & data, 100 minutes talk) and will be traveling outside the USA. My prepaid plan doesn't have an international roaming option and I wish to keep this plan. I was told that, if I switch to a different T-mobile prepaid plan that has international roaming, when I return I will not be able to switch back to my current prepaid plan, hence my question:


    Is it possible to temporarily switch from T-mobile to another carrier for my trip?


    If so, do I need to do anything other than switching my T-mobile SIM card with the new carrier's SIM and back again when I return to the USA (and make sure my T-mobile account is funded for the duration of my trip)?


    My current phone is an iPhone 5s, factory unlocked from new, so there shouldn't be a problem getting it unlocked by T-mobile, or will there???


    Thanks for any help!

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