T-Mobile Coverage in West Virginia


    Hello, I am trying to determine if and when T-Mobile will offer 4G LTE coverage in the state of West Virginia.  Up till now T-Mobiles coverage has only been in fringe areas along border states.  ATT, Verizon, US Cellular, and Sprint all have coverage here but T-Mobile has always ignored the state.  I've been reading about the new spectrum and have heard rumors that T-Mobile will be aggressively building out new areas including West Virginia but I'm not sure how reliable that info is.  I'm currently with ATT after being with Sprint for several years.  The ATT network has seen a significant decrease in speed and performance here.  Just looking for future options.  I like that T-Mobile has sort of blazed new trails with some of their plans and policies.  I'm wondering if it's something I may be able to take advantage of in the near future.

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      • drnewcomb2

        Re: T-Mobile Coverage in West Virginia

        T-Mobile has published coverage predictions that show that by EOY '17 West Virginia will be mostly covered either by LTE or HSPA+. To what extent this relies on their roaming agreement with US Cellular, I'm not sure. Of course the NRQZ around Green Bank will never have coverage but that's a separate issue.


        Future coverage may be based on 600 MHz, which will require a new, compatible phone.

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        • oldsoul1989

          Re: T-Mobile Coverage in West Virginia

          They actually have coverage along parts of I-64 and I-77 now (Band 12 and Band 4) and if you can find the non roaming coverage map in green you can see where T-Mobile actually added native service in those areas and can also check Sensorly and Cellmapper where its been mapped. I noticed some new arrays on a few towers close in my area which is close to one of the new Coverage areas and its NOT roaming. i also noticed a couple new arrays on Rt. 60. As for the USCC Roaming (VoLTE), it's only active in Iowa and West Virginia still isn't in the market for next year's rollout. USCC only serves Eastern West Virginia. Anything West of Beckley or the Western half of the state is not served by USCC including Charleston. But what's funny is that USCC owns 700 MHz in that area but has never had a single tower there. T-Mo does own PCS, AWS-1 and Some 700 MHz here as well as the 600 MHz spectrum. Also a month ago according to WSAZ T-Mobile is expanding service in Lincoln County which is south of Huntington. i sort of believe T-Mo will have it built out to where USCC roaming won'tt even be needed. and if you are not familiar with USCC especially in Southeastern West Virginia it has gotten worse than what it was a few years ago. Calls drop continuously, Never stays connected to LTE and drops down to 3G and 1x and won't work in some buildings. but anyway T-Mo's EOY map

          shows T-Mobile LTE in most of West Virginia and that's only a few months away so we will see what happens by then.

          • dmark1867

            Re: T-Mobile Coverage in West Virginia

            As of 9/29/2017 the coverage map is showing more filled in for WV

            Does anyone know how well the coverage works in Huntington and Barboursville

            Also in South Charleston


            And I64 from Charleston to Ceredo Kenova

            Also Rush KY?


            Thinking of maybe jumping from AT&T but a little worried about lack of coverage