Note 8 WiFi calling always on despite Cellular Network Preferred


    My note 8 refuses to make calls on the T-Mobile cell network when WiFi calling is enabled and Cellular Network Preferred is selected. On all my other phones, Cellular Network Preferred forces calls to be made using the cell network and wifi calling is only used when there's no cell signal. But on the note 8 all my incoming and outgoing calls always use wifi calling even with strong cell signal. This is extremely annoying and has caused me to miss multiple calls today alone because my wifi signal isn't perfectly strong all over the house.


    I'm having this issue with my phone and after spending almost 4 hours with different T-Mobile support techs no one seems to have a solution.


    Many other people having this exact same problem a few months ago on all Galaxy s8 devices.


    Anyone else have this issue? Can this be fixed? I don't want to disable wifi calling because it is useful for when I'm out and many indoor areas have horrible reception.

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