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Galaxy S8 - Not Registered On Network?


    My phone started behaving weirdly "Not Registered On Network". I got the phone from Costco. I am not able to get the connection in office and home. Is this issue with phone or network?

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      • tmo_lauren

        Re: Galaxy S8 - Not Registered On Network?

        Hey there!


        That's no good and certainly is not what we want happening to your device.


        As for whether it's device or network, we'll want to know a little more! Are there any other T-Mobile customers experiencing similar issues in these areas? Have you reviewed the coverage map to see if it's an are you should be covered? Do you get great coverage anywhere?



        • tmo_chris

          Re: Galaxy S8 - Not Registered On Network?

          Just checking in here to see how things are going. Please let us know if you need any additional assistance.

            • magenta7033463

              I had a Galaxy S6 that worked for two+ years but I dropped it.


              I bought a new "S8+ International" and brought it into the Hilo store and they removed the SIM card from the S6 and activated it for the S8+. I could receive a call on the S8+ in the store.


              Later I discovered that the International S8+ was missing some features so I returned it and bought a new "S8+ US version." Now I'm getting "Not registered on Network." Do I need to bring it in or can it be activated remotely?


              Calls to the new S8+ US go to voicemail but the S8+ doesn't ring even when it's plugged via USB into the PC.

              I consistently have 2bars.


              I have a Legacy account.

              Thanks, Kerry

                • syaoran

                  Re: Galaxy S8 - Not Registered On Network?

                  Devices, like the S8/S8+, should be usable as soon as you put your SIM in it.  Go to Settings, About Phone, Software Information, and post the build number and Service Provider Software Version.

                    • magenta7033463

                      Re: Galaxy S8 - Not Registered On Network?

                      Thanks for the prompt reply syaoran.




                      My S8+ US version > About Phone > Model SM-G955U1 > Android version 7.0

                      >  Samsung Experience 8.1 > Build number, NRD90M.G955U1UEU1AQH3



                      I don't see "Service Provider Software Version."



                      I have been able to pair via Bluetooth to my car radio.


                      I have updated the System Update via USB to my PC.



                      Aloha, Kerry

                        • syaoran

                          Re: Galaxy S8 - Not Registered On Network?

                          That is the non-carrier specific firmware and it is way out of date.  I would suggest updating it to the latest firmware if you don't want to flash it to the TMB U firmware.


                          When you put your SIM in a U1 firmware Samsung device, the firmware should require a restart and upon booting, you should get a blue screen with a white Android that sets everything for the SIM you have in the device.  It sounds like this hasn't happened.  A factory reset of the device after you update it over WiFi until there are no more updates to the current firmware will resolve your issue.

                  • tmo_marissa

                    Hiya, magenta2754368! Just wanted to touch base with you and see how you're doing with this phone. Are you still seeing these error messages? If so, did you have a chance to take a peek at Lauren's reply and give us a few details? We're happy to help if we can! Thank you!


                    - Marissa

                    • magenta10320770

                      Switched services yesterday to T-Mobile.  Working normally up until a few hours ago.  Receive message when placing a call "not registered on network".  2 other cell phones also switched to T-mobile yesterday are working normally.