Intermittently Not Receiving SMS Texts After Switching to S8



    I recently switched from an iPhone 6 to the Samsung S8. Before the switching of phones, my wife and I brought both of our iPhones to T-Mobile from AT&T. At this point, I only sporadically get SMS Text messages from my wife's iPhone. This happens whether I'm using WiFi or not. I'm considering switching back to an iPhone, but I really love my Galaxy S8 and don't want to go back. However, not knowing if my wife has texted me and I just never received it seems like a bigger issue than whether or not I have to go back to an iPhone.


    I've made sure to disconnect my old iPhone from iMessages, and my wife's iPhone shows that it is sending messages specifically as SMS Texts instead of attempting to send them as iMessages. I've also tried the stock Samsung messages app (I prefer Textra), but have seen the same results with both apps.


    Thanks for your time!

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