Recent OS Update: Fingerprint Scanner Performance Issues [LG V10]


    After the recent Android OS update on my LG V10, I noticed that the fingerprint scanner doesn't work very well anymore.  It was perfectly fine before the update.  I thought, "why not just try and reset all the fingerprints that I have saved in my settings," except the setup can never complete.  I always get stuck on the side or tip of the finger portion.  The screen says, "Lift finger, then touch sensor again."  Then I try doing the sides and tip of my finger first and it gets stuck with the same message.  I've tried different fingers.  I'm following all the directions on the screen and I can never get past this point.  It just sits on that screen. 


    This is frustrating because I use my right middle finger to unlock my phone since my hands are so small and that's the only finger that can reach.  So not only does the fingerprint scanner lack general function, now I can't even try fixing it by redoing my finger scan.

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