LTE Network connectivity after Ios-11 update


    I have been a life long customer for over 10 years.  Every since I updated my phone to the OS11 my services turned non existent.  I am very frustrated because it almost cost me a life.  I was unable to contact 911 to assist a client whom overdosed.  Its been over a week and I am still  unable to use my service the way its intended too.  Even when connecting to WiFi it shows i am connected but then it shows I have NO SERVICE.  T-Mobile has been kind and have done something to accommodate me during this frustrating time BUT the problem is still not resolve.  Does ANYONE know when this LTE transition upgrade or whatever it is that is being done going to be complete?  I do not want to continue paying for services that I am unable to use.

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      • tmo_lauren

        Oh man, I can't even begin to imagine how incredibly scary and frustrating that had to be, I am so sorry.


        You aren't alone in the signal issues after the iOS update, there is another thread we have been updating over here- Poor LTE Signal after updating to iOS 11


        The long and short of it is it seems to be something impacting not just T-Mobile but all carriers, and Apple has yet to formally recognize the issue.


        I would suggest contacting care and having a ticket filed, I only say that because I hope the more reports that come in, the faster it will be recognized and hopefully result in a fix. We are doing everything we can our side and passing threads and complaints up to our Apple contacts but are still being met with it isn't a known issue.


        We are going to keep that thread I linked you to updated as we get more info, so if you can we suggest bookmaking or following it.


        Again, we are so sorry about this but we are working to try and figure out what's going on.