Distracto-city: what do you most use your phone for


    ...when you're supposed to be paying attention to something else?


    We were pretty entertained by this recent T-Mobile Newsroom blog outlining the things our customers did on their phones during the World Series. We thought about doing a poll here, but that seemed a little narrow when the opportunities to waste time on your phone (especially with unlimited data) are so endless!


    We'd love to hear your stories about what you're most likely to be doing when you should be doing X. Are you watching MindHunter instead of the game? Playing Words with Friends while your friends are ordering dinner? You don't have to share the variable if you're worried about your children somehow Googling a cache of this page later in life to find out that you were playing Best Poker Evar on your phone instead of watching the spring recital (although let's be clear -- we would never tattle). But we'd definitely like to hear about it -- especially if it's something we haven't heard of before!

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