Keep getting device return reminders


    Hello, T-Mobile!


    I've called Customer Service a couple of times to stop the device return reminders, but I continue to receive them. I received one this morning, despite both calls ending in assurance that I wouldn't receive them going forward.


    Here's what I'm receiving:



    Can someone help me out?



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      • dragon1562

        Re: Keep getting device return reminders

        Try reaching out to the T-force team on social media as well as calling one more time. People on this forum won't be able to stop these reminders and this honestly isn't normal so you will need to talk to someone in order to get this resolved. I will ask though have you changed anything with your account recently? Do you have the device that is being asked to be returned? If you can provide a bit more information it would be helpful.

          • joshisawesome

            Re: Keep getting device return reminders

            Hi, dragon1562. Thanks for your reply. There are Community Managers on this forum that hopefully can help me out. I did a change of responsibility a while back and had issues with getting the router over to the new line: Getting the run around. The device has been returned and I have a T-Mmobile message that confirms that. So, why are the emails continuing? I don't know. Maybe I should try T-Force.

              • dragon1562

                Re: Keep getting device return reminders

                Definitely try reaching out to T-force. The community managers on this forum are here for moderation purposes more than anything and providing info that someone like myself wouldn't be able to know. However, I doubt they will have the tools needed to fix this issues as it is account specific and they can not access that level of info.