Connection issues with my Note 5



    I have been a customer for a number of years, and over the years there are things you just know you have to live with when it comes to cell phone service.
    It is understandable that T-Mobile tries however I am starting to reach my breaking point.

    To give a high level overview, My phone, my wifes phone, my kids phones, we are all on the T-Mobile One plan now and things are still not good.

    I have issues with cell phone calls, text messages. During lunch my friends how have all the other carriers are sending around kewl things to look at however they have learned not to send me anything because I do not get the text they forward or if they send a link it will not open on my phone.
    When I try to make calls I pray I have wifi connection otherwise it does not work very well. If I get a call its hard to hear and I have to call them back or wait until I get to Wifi.

    Pretty much my whole family know has been taught by T-Mobile that this is just the normal way of using the service.
    I really would like some help. I have been to the T-Mobile stores and had some kid set up phone up to work better, however I had to do a factory reset to undo his fixes.. So I do not trust the store employees to fix my issues. When I look online and follow the steps yall have put out there, I do them, and it doesnt help.

    Now I sit here defeated, with a phone that cost over 600 bucks and a cell plan that I pay each month, I might as well use my phone as a paper weight....




    A broken defeated customer that knows nothing will change.

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      • magenta2927413

        Re: Connection issues with my Note 5


        Par for the course... some reads and no help.. As expected.

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        • magenta3128589

          Re: Connection issues with my Note 5

          The Note 5 came in 2 memory sizes, 32 gig and 64.  Normally trouble shooting your devise would start with your area and the signal strength in your area, since we have neither I will assume your problem is not signal related. Also if you have reached your memory limit that could be the problem. Deleating some apps and wiping your cache will help for a short period of time until your cache builds back up and the issues return. Check your memory usage and and see how close you are to full. Insufficient memory will cause the problems you are experiencing. That is why the new phones have SD ports and higher memory internally. If not a memory issue it could be a App causing the problem. Below are the proceedures to both wipe your cache and check to see if a rogue app is causing the issue.



          Try to wipe your cache partition. Hold the Power button and select Power off. Once off, press and hold the Power, Volume up, and Home buttons simultaneously until you see the Android mascot and the recovery menu. Use Volume down to highlight wipe cache partition, and Power to select it. Once done, press Power to select reboot system now.


          You may have installed an app that’s causing the issue. You can test this by turning your Note 5 off by holding the Power button and selecting Power off. Now, press and hold the Power button when you see Samsung Galaxy Note 5 on your display, let go of Power and press and hold the Volume down button. Keep holding it until your Note 5 starts up and you should see a safe mode option in the bottom left of the screen. If the problem is gone, then an app is causing it and you just need to track down which one it is by uninstalling them one-by-one and testing to see if the issue persists. Alternatively, perform a factory reset and install your apps selectively.

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          • dragon1562

            Re: Connection issues with my Note 5

            So I want to ask for the sake of clarification are your issues with the device occurring everywhere? Does these issues effect all the devices on your plan? The next time you encounter a issue can you tell us what the signal strength was like and what you were connecting to. I'm sorry that your having issues but I assure you that their our plenty of people on these phones that want to help you.


            Also if you know that it is not a signal issue some of the advise that magenta312859 brought up would be helpful but I would rather start from the beginning and then use the process of elimination to narrow down the issue for certain.

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            • tmo_amanda

              Re: Connection issues with my Note 5

              Hey, magenta2927413!


              I'm bummed to hear that it has been somewhat of a rocky road with T-Mobile. It's also not the best of news to hear you have an expensive paperweight. A lot of questions and suggestions have been made by magenta3128589 and dragon1562. While we'd love to eliminate the signal being the issue, from the info you've provided I can't do that. If this is happening everywhere, it's likely that it's not the signal. If it's happening in specific locations, can you provide the zip code(s) to us?

              • tmo_mike_c

                Re: Connection issues with my Note 5

                Hey there!


                Just checking in to see if you've taken a look at the questions and suggestions above. Please let us know if this is resolved or if you still need help. Thanks.

                • tmo_marissa

                  Re: Connection issues with my Note 5

                  Howdy! With an epic image like that, I feel like it would be a darn shame if we couldn't offer some help here! Please let us know if you've had a chance to read over the suggestions -- I know they weren't super quick to roll in; but sometimes the forum is like that and I promise it's not for a lack of desire to help. As Amanda mentioned, if this is only happening in certain areas we'd love a few more details so we can take a look! Thank you!


                  - Marissa