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Poor signal reception but T-mobile Map claims otherwise.




    Your claim that there is an 'excellent signal' at where I am located is false.  Your maps indicate that there is 4G LTE 'excellent signal' and that 4G LTE 700 (Mhz) is available here.  I recently got an iphone 6s and tested it here but to my disappointment, the signal strength is 'weak' at best and poor and spotty most of the time.  Something as simple as a line of text takes tens of minutes to send and at times, doesn't send at all because it times out.  Your website:  Extended Range LTE | 600 MHz & 700 MHz Spectrum Phones | T-Mobile indicates that iphone 6s does support 4G LTE 700 (Mhz), but in reality and many times, there is no data coverage at all (i.e. data coverage that doesn't work).  This phone actually did worse than my older iphone 5s which didn't do all that well either, which was the reason I looked for phones that support more 4G LTE bands and technologies.  Now, I'll probably return my iphone 6s.


    I believe that such false information should NOT be released to public as it could be deemed a false advertising that leads consumers to wasted efforts, time and money.  Therefore, I have come to a conclusion that T-mobile is just not honest with what it once claimed: 'best cell network'.


    I have tried 3 different T-mobile phones here and they all get very poor reception here.  I have made sure that network/cell carrier/data settings are set correctly on these phones.  Because phones are made to 'look for' the best network/signal, the phones use up a lot of battery power to do so.  This drains battery like crazy on the phones that have excellent battery performance otherwise (i.e. while connected on wifi or in areas where a good 4G LTE is available).  I've been trying to get good data coverage here for the last several years, but to no avail.  Are you planning on providing a good data coverage here?  Or, at least be honest and stop saying that 'excellent signal' is available here.




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      • drnewcomb2

        Is your complaint about service inside or outside of the Boeing plant? It can be rather difficult to get radio signals inside a windowless metal building. T-Mobile may not have a DAS or microcell system inside the plant. Here's a shot from Sensorly of the same location. You can see a good signal all around the area:


          • jk319

            Good morning drnewcomb2,


            Outside.  Yes, outside of the metal factory buildings.  I'm in an office building with windows.  Why do I get poor/bad signals inside of a regular office building??


            Thank you for including a snapshot of your map (Sensorly or whatever).  Why doesn't T-mobile publish 'this' map??  Seriously, I'd like an answer.  Can you take a moment and compare your map to the one that I included in my original post?  That is a HUGE difference.  Just look at how much coverage there is with the pink! -> false information.  Plus, they don't match well at all in that, where there is dark pink (better signal) in the pink map there is not even pale purple (weaker signal) in the purplish map you showed.


            Can you send me a link to the map you enclosed in your response?





              • drnewcomb2

      , and all provide maps based on crowd-sourced data. If someone running their app visits a spot, they get data for that carrier in that spot. If no one visits that spot, there is no data. Empty space means "no data" not "no signal". 


                The Boeing complex appears to be served primarily by a T-Mobile site (tower) near the intersection of Hwy-526 and Seaway Blvd. If the big metal buildings are between the antenna site and your phone, the signal could be greatly attenuated. Another site is at the water tanks on the corner of 44th Ave & 84th St. One problem appears to be Washington's strict zoning laws that restrict the height and visual impact of cell towers. It also restricts the range and effectiveness of the signals.


                Also, don't assume that glass is a great conductor of radio waves. Ordinary glass passes radio waves pretty well but heat-reflecting and shatter-resistant glass can block a lot of signal.  I have a friend who lost all AT&T service in his house after installing shatter-prof windows. He had to get one of their personal femto-cells to get service back.  When I ask if you're "outside", I mean "out where it rains." If you're on the SE side of Bldg 40-87, I'd have a hard time explaining poor reception. On the NW side of the same building, there's no signal, except what gets reflected off other buildings.


                Historically, big companies have made big corporate deals with the duopoly carriers (AT&T and Verizon). These deals would include access to the corporate campus to install small cells inside buildings. T-Mobile, being the underdog, didn't get access to the campus. This may be changing as T-Mobile becomes more accepted by "the suits" but these habits change slowly. Ford used Firestone tires exclusively for over 100 years because Henry Ford and Harvey Firestone were friends.

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            • tmo_chris

              Hey there! If you are not getting coverage in an area that our map says you should be, we can definitely look into this. If you are inside an office with windows, you should be able to get some kind of signal but the windowless metal buildings could be pretty rough. If you have a moment, please contact us so our tech teams can get an engineering ticket opened up for you.

              • ceceme

                I only get 2G. Yet your map claims 4g lte. I used to get 4g lte until a couple months ago. Now I get 4G if I am lucky but it is short lived. Those maps are a lie. Who do I contact about Tmobiles false claims? The FTC?

                • freeflydenlund

                  The only way we can send  pictures or watch video or browsing internet at reasonably fast speed is when we are connected to WiFi. We are located in Ottawa Ilinois so we expected the LTE signal to be much better. Did a long trip between Illinois and Ohio and we had bad signals most of the time and sometimes we totally lost the signal.

                  We both are using iPhone X


                  T-mobile needs to improve their mobile network for sure...

                  • magenta6729396

                    Shittiest coverage ever in a mobile carrier! My God, too many dead zones, no service, and your map lies about coverage areas! It's nice u all have that money to make booths, buy Sprint, buy streaming tv service, what about Towers? Hell, u all don't even pay dividends to you all shareholders! Record breaking subscribor base, month after month, and u all still cannot improve coverage? Sprint has better coverage than u! Now that u near clear ownership of Sprint, why don'u use sprints cellphone towers?