Suspicious network behavior on my old Motorola Razr V3i


    I bought an old flip phone off of Ebay a few weeks ago and decided to buy T-Mobile's SIM card off of Amazon so that I could have a dumb little nostalgia inducing backup phone. I got the pre-paid $3/mo plan and it's been working fine so far, but recently I had the thought to try out MMS. I scoured the internet and my phone's APN settings for the proper information, It worked the night I tried it, and messages worked both ways. I thought "wow, I didn't think that would work!" and went to bed.


    A couple days later, I try to send my friend a picture from the phone and it doesn't send. I can see that it's connecting to GPRS for a second, but it simply spits out an error that the message couldn't be sent. No settings have changed on my end and my signal strength is good. I initially thought that perhaps T-Mobile noticed that I was using MMS without a data plan and disabled it. I decided to message a representative on My T-Mobile and they said that yes, a data plan was indeed required to use MMS.


    However, on digging deeper and actually calling support, I received word that MMS is included in my plan and should be treated the same as any other text, told to me by a supervisor. Aside from this lead, my dive into T-Mobile support has come up inconclusive and left the techs stumped.


    So my question is, if my phone could use MMS services before, and can no longer do it now, what happened? Did a dish fall off my cell tower? Did T-Mobile cut it to incentivize me into getting a $45/mo data plan? I don't want to be a crazy conspiracy theorist, but what gives?

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