Simply Prepaid: Texting a Canadian number.


    I've been searching all over for some clarification on this. I have the Simply Prepaid 10GB plan. My friend has a Canadian number, and any text I send to them comes back with "Unable to send: Message blocking is active". Is this correct? I mean, they are currently living in the U.S. 5 miles from me, seems like T-Mobile should be able to handle it. I previously had Verizon, then Google Fi, and had no problem reaching the same friend (They live in Canada part of the year, and right by me during season).


    Looking at my plan, there are 3 international options that I could potentially add. None of them are very clear on what you actually get. Will "Simply Prepaid Mexico/CanadaUNL Roaming" allow me to text them? It is the $5.00 option. I don't care if calling/texting canadian numbers uses my data (which is what this sounds like). I guess I'd be willing to shell out $5 a month to communicate with one friend.


    The other 2 international options are $15, which is insane for the simple ability to call a family or friend member in Canada, let alone a Canadian in the same county as me, in the U.S. If "Stateside International Talk with mobile." is the only way I'm able to call/text, I'm sorry, but I have to go back to Google Fi. T-mo has a better deal on data, but this is ridiculous.



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