JoD Upgrade with Back of Galaxy S8 Cracked?


    So I some how cracked the back of my S8, it's pretty small down in the corner. I have no idea how it happened, I just took off my case and it was there. Anyway, I want to know if since it's not the screen will I be able to upgrade with Jump On Demand? Also, I checked my account and for some reason premium device protection isn't on my line anymore. I had it before I upgraded so I'm assuming the guy in the T-Mobile store took it off by accident or forgot to add it on again because another line on my account was also upgraded that day  and they still have it. Anyway here are my questions, 1) Does a slightly cracked back count as excess wear (since excess wear is classified as a cracked screen) and can I upgrade?

    2)Since it's not really my fault the insurance was taken off of my account and I didn't know, will TMobile honor their mistake and allow me to make a claim?

    This is my first post

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