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    Hey y'all! It's Show and Tell at Work Day! I know that most of you are not at work, because you'd never visit a Community during working hours (right?), but we'd like to think of it instead as "Show and Tell for Grown-Ups Day". No Circle Time, Sharing Stations, or singing Five Little Speckled Frogs in a round required.


    Share whatever! It doesn't have to be your phone, but I'd love to see your case. It doesn't have to be the fanciest tech gadget you got over the holidays, but tmo_mike_c did mention he's into drones. It doesn't have to be gaming related, but we might know some folks who would be happy to chat about gaming if that's your thing! We are also not turning away any food photos, ever.


    TL;DR - you don't have to limit yourself to T-Mobile related or primary school show and tell photos, but please keep it safe and friendly.

    Photos and stories commence!




    *edited to add the call for food photos, because why the heck not.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Show and Tell


        There are about a million photos in various frames in my house, but this one was made by a friend out of some reclaimed floors in our fair city. I think they include this sweet Virginia print in all of the frames that they sell now, but I've kept it in there this whole time anyway.

        • smplyunprdctble

          Re: Show and Tell

          I quilt.

          My mother crochets like a mad woman.

          She and I did a project swap -- the same pattern was intentional.  She's holding what I made and I'm holding what she made)

          (and, I'm most proud because EVERY STITCH in the quilt I made, I actually stitched -- including the stitching to combine the layers)


          • tmo_chris

            Re: Show and Tell

            Okay, so since I can’t talk about video games without going on a tangent, yeah, I saw your edits tmo_marissa lol.  I guess I will have to post something else that is equally as nerdy. This is my fidget spinner. Yes, I know that the fad has passed but I was really into to them and this was my "grail spinner" as the fidget spinner community called them. This spinner is made of titanium and it's definitely not your average gas station spinner or Amazon clone. This spinner is from a guy in the UK that runs the EDC company Rotablade. He makes spinners from rare materials such as Superconductor, Mokuti, Tungsten, Damasteel, and Zirconium. These spinners are not cheap, in fact, the Mokuti spinner sells for a little over $700.00. This Titanium one was $160 but I do not have any buyer’s remorse. I actually have a problem with destroying stuff that is within hands reach like pieces of paper, pens, cell phone cases, and this spinner has really helped curb that habit now that I have something to do with my hands when I am not typing. 



            • snn555

              Re: Show and Tell

              I guess I could show my Amazon Echo Dot and tell you that I would take a picture but I can't get all the pieces into the same frame because I love it that much. Sarcasm.

              • snn555

                Re: Show and Tell

                Who's marketing team? Definitely not Amazon's. I may be more prone to Google being in their ecosystem however A listening microphone is a listening microphone no matter the company who makes the listening microphone.

                • snn555

                  Re: Show and Tell

                  May not seem like much but it's part of my everyday get ready and face the world attire. Good old fashioned Swiss Army Tinker knife and standard Zippo. I always believe a man should have a blase and fire no matter the situation.


                  I was unable to upload a picture by any means as the image type was not permitted being a JPG or jpeg or scale down in size however suffice to say it's a red knife and a chrome lighter.