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    I've tried posting my own question; this site is so horrible. I called for support and wasn't able to understand the person so I wanted to try chatting. Everything redirects back to the same "call me" page.


    My mom was going to switch to T-Mobile. She went in and the person signed her up before she knew she couldn't change her number. He said we wouldn't be billed. His name was Manny from the Golf Links and Harrison store in Tucson.


    So he talks her into taking a brand new phone home that didn't work... She didnt want a new number so she brought the phone back. He said she wouldn't be charged. He also said she'd get a refund for 36.59 that we have been waiting on.


    WORST OF ALL; she got billed for 2 lines that were NEVER USED. The wanker in the store lied so he could get a commission and now it's turned into a hassle for us.


    IS THERE A SUPPORT EMAIL? I have had enough of this BS. I want to see it in writing that this mess is over; after hours in the store, followed by hours dealing with this mess... I know all cell phone providers, ISPs, and television providers are the same but AT LEAST YOU CAN PROPERLY CONTACT SUPPORT. I made it through without swearing.

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      • tmo_chris

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        Hey gnmu,


        Thanks for taking the time to post to our community! I am very sad to see that your first post here has to be about such a poor experience. We never want to make switching to us a difficult experience or one that leaves you feeling cheated. I want to make sure I fully understand your issue so I can make sure I provide you and your Mom with the best assistance.


        When you said she went to the store and signed up, what exactly did you mean when you said that "before she knew, she couldn't change here number"? Was she trying to port her number in from another carrier? When signing up with us, we will typically assign you a number from the T-Mobile pool of numbers that we have. Was there a specific reason she was looking to change her number?


        For the phone that she got and didn't work, it sounds like you were able to return this phone and that you would be refunded $36.59 which sounds like the taxes on the device. If that is right, how long ago did she return the phone? If it was paid with a card, it can take 2-3 business days for that refund to be sent back to her card.


        As for the 2 lines you never used, could you explain a bit more about what happened here? When your Mom went to the store to sign up, was she only wanting to activate one line of service and instead had 3 lines activated?

          • gnmu

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            It's sorted now. Basically AT&T Alaska wouldn't release her number for whatever reason. There is a t-mobile in AK but it may have been lameness on ATT's part. They originally said at the store she could keep it (the number has her birthday in it and it's really easy to remember)


            I went with her the first night; we spent a few hours in the store trying to sort it. Phone gets sent home with her; next day she brings it back and they find out she definitely can't keep her number. 2 lines were opened; one for my sister and mum. She said she wouldn't change service providers because she wanted to keep her number. They said it'd all be canceled and sorted at the store.


            The 36$ was annoying because she called the store a few times and it still hadn't been returned after quite a long span; Over a month.. They said it needed to be put back in a warehouse or something, doesn't matter now. Upwards and onwards

              • tmo_chris

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                Thanks for coming back and clarifying I do apologize for the confusion though. I have had my number for over 15 years and I would never want to part with it. As for the $36, has this already been refunded to your mother?

                • miket

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                    I do not think it is legal for a carrier to refuse to assign the phone number-also known as "porting" a phone number.

                    It is possible for a carrier not to be able, technically, to accept phone numbers with particular area codes or prefixes.

                     Although it would not have been feasible in this case, what can be done is to port a number to Google voice, which is free, and then forward the Google voice number automatically to a new T-Mobile number.

              • miket

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                And remember - if she used a credit card, she should contact the credit card company to contest the charge.