MMS texting or photos failing to send over wifi but works using tmobile network


    I have a LG G5 phone from T-Mobile and when I'm home using my WiFi from centurylink everything works WiFi calling and other features but my MMS texting and pictures fail to send or if they do send it takes over 5 minutes but when I am T-Mobile's cellular network everything works perfect. I do not have cell coverage where I live which is the main reason I switch to T-Mobile turning off my Wifi to allow the picture to send is not an option I have tried many different things as I have been researching this issue for a while and noticed it is an ongoing issue TMobile has had hoping they get this fixed soon I left AT&T for TMobile and I was with them for 15 years now the main feature that sold me to T-Mobile does not work and T-Mobile doesn't have cell coverage where I live so they are sending me a free booster which is nice but it's pretty much a mini tower in my house that anybody can connect to because a password is not able to be set so instead of them just expanding their coverage they are trying to act like they're giving the customers something for free when they are benefiting from it because anybody that has TMobile can use my booster so they get more business point being I won't be staying with you mobile if they don't get this fixed.

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