Roaming in Guatemala


    2/3/2018:  I wanted to ask if anyone which has or may be traveling throughout Guatemala has had issues to MovieStar (which T-Mobile customers roam on)?

    I was with friends there during New Years, we all have T-Mobile and roamed on MovieStar at 2G only.  It was so slow, that most emails took one to three minutes or forever to be sent, webpages opened but took minutes per page. This happened throughout Guatemala City, Antigua, Panajachel etc.


    We finally went to a Claro dealer to get a temporary sim to utilize throughout Guatemala.  All of us were very impressed with Claro coverage and speed throughout Guatemala.  It is a shame the Roaming Agreement T-Mobile has with MovieStar is so terrible and pretty useless in that country.   

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Roaming in Guatemala

        Hey there austiniter78717 !


        Let me start by saying I haven't personally gone to these cities (I totally need to do more traveling, I know). The coverage is going to depend on our map and what we project we'll get when you're in a given area. Basically, if our map is showing 2G and that's the strongest signal in that area, the speeds won't be as fast as the 3G speeds. However, you're in an area that we're expecting you to get 3G and you're only getting 2G, then we could look at what phone you're using, changing settings, and then getting a ticket escalated to our engineering team if we need it. Essentially, there's steps that can be taken if you're not getting the coverage we're expecting you to get.

        • drnewcomb2

          Re: Roaming in Guatemala

          Did you research the performance of the three local carriers' prepaid offerings? Sometimes, for whatever reason, T-Mobile's roaming in a country is much slower than what local customers get and much slower than the advertised "2G speeds". I attribute this to a slow connection between the roamed carrier and T-Mobile's APN.  Also, in some cases T-Mobile just defaults to roaming a particular carrier. You may be able to manually select other carriers. Did you try that?

          • dragon1562

            Re: Roaming in Guatemala

            On top of that 2g is not really ment for data. Generally its good enough for basic messaging and thats about it. Webpages are pretty heavy now a days with images on them that will take minutes to load at 2g speeds.

              • drnewcomb2

                Re: Roaming in Guatemala

                I used to get pretty good service from 2.5G EDGE before everyone had a smart phone and when most mobile sites were WAP-based. These days mobile sites are almost as data-hungry as the regular ones.


                It's important to remember that T-Mobile's default international data is not necessarily 2G, rather it's limited by T-Mobile to "2G speed" (i.e. 128 kpbs) You can actually accomplish quite a bit if you are actually getting and honest 128 kpbs.